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//we were exploding anyway (2010)

Buy it on Deluxe 2 CD set (with Heavy Sky EP), vinyl, mp3 or FLAC.

Copyright: Hassle Records
Phonographic copyright: Hassle Records
Published by: Cooking Vinyl Publishing
Recorded at: 2Fly Studios (by Alan Smyth & Dave Sanderson)
Mixed at: Futureshock Studios (by Alex Newport & assistant Chris Tabron)
Mastered at: Salt Mastering
Produced by: 65daysofstatic
Label: Hassle Records (UK, Australia & Russia), Zankyo Records (Japan), White Wabbit Records (Taiwan), Monotreme Records (US, UK) & Bird’s Robe Records (Australia)
Releases: HOFF095CDA, CTX562CD, HOFF095CDB, HOFF095LP & HOFF095LPX (Hassle), ZNR-088 (Zankyo), WWRD102 (White Wabbit), MONO-58CD, MONO-58 & Mono-58VNL (Monotreme), BRR028 (Bird’s Robe)
Designed at: Version Industries
Art direction, design by: Caspar Newbolt
Photography by: Matt Sundin
Management: HBF Management (Pete Spiby)

Recording at 2Fly between 4PM on 311009 and 4AM on 091109.

Voices on ‘Come to Me’ by Robert Smith, recorded by Bunny Lake.
‘Come to Me’ – lyrics by Robert Smith – Copyright Control.
Voices on ‘Debutante’ by Debbie Clare.

65daysofstatic is 65daysofstatic.
Thank you.

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