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//the destruction of small ideas (2007)

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Copyright: 65daysofstatic
Phonographic copyright: 65daysofstatic
Written & fought with at: Stag Works
Demos & drones recorded at: 2Fly Studios (by Alan ‘Cacophony of Horrors’ Smyth)
Recorded at: The Substation by Graham Deas & Murray Mackay
Mixed by: Graham Deas
Produced by: 65daysofstatic
Invaluable soldering, video link-ups, pick-up rewiring & buzz removal by: Craig ‘Genius’ Howie
Piano recorded at: St. Columbus Junior School, Fife
Mastered at: Metropolis Studios (by Noel Summerville)
Label: Monotreme Records (UK & Europe), Zankyo Records (Japan) & Bird’s Robe Records (Australia)
Releases: MONO-28, MONO-28VNL & MONO-28MP3 (Monotreme), ZNR-032 (Zankyo) & BRR027 (Bird’s Robe)

Clarinet on ‘These Things’ & ‘Wax Futures’ by Andy Dobson of Digitonal.
Violin on ‘Music is Music…’, ‘When We Were Younger & Better’, ‘These Things…’ & ‘The Conspiracy of Seeds’ by Samy Bishai of Digitonal.
Vocals on ‘The Conspiracy of Seeds’ by Drew Speziale & Kathy Coppola of Circle Takes The Square.
Second snare on ‘Wax Futures’ by Iain Scott (Slomo) courtesy of The Miramar Disaster.

65daysofstatic is 65daysofstatic.

On the Road:
Front of House & much more: Johnny ‘Avalon Gold’ Caton.
TM’d to fuck by The Black Spider.
Technicalities by Ozzy Lister & Damo Fowkes.
Monitored by Tom ‘Mad Man’ Maddocks & Will ‘Riz” Doyle.
Righteous Indignation from Dave Holloway.
Live Visuals by the Media Lounge.

On the Inside:
Mass-Media Persuasion: Scott Bartlett & all at Scream.
Maps & Plans: Tom Hopwell & Matt Bates & Primary Talent.
Distribution: Craig, Stuart & all at Cargo.
65daysofstatic are managed by Pete Spiby at HBF Management.

This record is for Pete Spiby, Kim harrison-Lavoie of the Evil Monotreme Corporation, and for you.

Don’t Go Down to Sorrow: Oscar Thompson, Neil Bunn, Dave Wolinski, Peter Russell, Dave Holloway, Huxley, Tza & Medlo, Adam Kneebone, Karlos Jackal, JImmy Henderson, Andrew Henderson, Laura Lou, Jaemi Zahra-Hall, Nat Tanzer, Kate Rawlinson, Jacqui Wells, Big Jim Harrison, Andy Digitonal, Bex & Darren Balcombe, Jessica Cooper, Luke Shrewsbury, Gemma Potts, Avalon Jo, Emily Alston, Sawaka Kawashima, Stephen Jeffares, Penny Blackham, Aki Sato, Al, Andy, Hamm, Graeme & Sam, Bec, Carl Bradley, Matt Dornan, Jo Pickering, Stuart Mcadie & Muna Ibrahim, Stocky, Dean, Slomo, Frank m’boy & Nicky, Kristina at Monotreme, Tom Barnes, Manabu, Ace, Miyo, Chris & Yvonne Barley, Bert & all at Bok, Craig & all at Cargo, Robbo & Paul at Electro Music, Geert Mets, Roadbitch, Nick Burke, Captain August Waverly, Jo Bliss & Dom, Iain Armstrong, Cam & Graham, Dawn Jones, Mick Brennan, Whiskas.

Failsafes: Wolinskis, Wrights, Jones’, Sheasby/Shrewsburys.

Out on the Weekend: Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies, Circle Takes The Square, The Mirimar Disaster, Chris Clark, Peace Burial at Sea, Mogwai, Hundred Reasons, Forward Russia, Future Ex Wife, The Black Spiders, Digitonal, Disco Ensemble, Jetplane Landing, Actionier, Calvinball, Josh T Pearson, Toman, Lindsay from The Steal, Tired Irie, Smokers Die Younger, Small Town America Records, Dance to the Radio Records, Try Harder Records, Warp Records, Selfworth Records, Truck Records.

Out on a limb: Chris Saunders, Andy Brown, Steve Gullick, Sandman Magazine, all at DrownedinSound, Organ Magazine/TV, Vuz, Scream Promotions, Creative Talent, Akihiro Kono & Takeshi Sugawara at Zankyo Records, Teru Makabe at Impartaiment/Plopp Records, Naoki Shimizu, Kevin at Rocket, Ewan, Ghost Records, Fanatic Promotions, Redeye Distribution, People Who Still Play Music on the Radio That They’re Not Told To Play.

Out of our depth: As well as the people who have helped us stay on the road in the UK for so long, thanks also to everyone in Norway, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Japan, who took part in 65’s first adventures across the water. Thank you for the shows, the support & the kindness. There are too many of you to name, but you are all remembered. Till the fuel runs dry…

And thanks to anyone we forgot. Sorry.

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