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During the making of We Were Exploding Anyway, there was a LOT of music that didn’t make the album. A couple of songs ended up on the Heavy Sky EP, but Paul actually had a few more songs that weren’t used by the band. He released those under the name Polinski as an album, Labyrinths in 2011.

An alternate version of AWaltzOfLight was released a bit later (with all proceeds of that single going to Oxfam).

The song Stitches was also released as a single, with an added b-side called Deco/Skazski.

In 2014 Paul released an EP as Paul Wolinski called Full Bleed, available as a digital download or on cassette on Bandcamp (although the cassette tapes have sold out).


Paul released another song under his full name, called MidiFlood, in 2015. This four-piano phase test can be bought on Bandcamp as a digital download.

2018 saw the release of a live version of Full Bleed‘s title track through Bandcamp as well, which you can find here.

And in 2020, for the first Bandcamp Friday (a day on which all proceeds on Bandcamp go to the artists), Paul released a collection of songs under the name A Hail of Tiny Cages. That can be found here.

More news about Paul can be found on his personal website, and be sure to check out his SoundCloud as well.


Under the name NVLL Simon has released three EPs: I and II (released in 2015) and Somniac (released in 2016).

Also be sure to check out his SoundCloud, and his Vimeo page where he shares other work.

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