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//one time for all time (2005)

One Time for All Time (2005)

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Copyright: 65daysofstatic
Phonographic copyright: 65daysofstatic
Recorded at: 2Fly Studios (all except track 7) by Alan ‘destroying the fabric of the earth’ Smyth, and recorded & recorded over some more by the band themselves (track 7)
Label: Monotreme Records (UK, Europe & Australia), Thomason Sounds (Japan), Bird’s Robe Records (Australia)
Releases: MONO-16, MONO-102, MONO-102VNL (Monotreme), TSIP-2014 (Thomason), BRR026 (Bird’s Robe)
Management representation: HBF Management

Band (on the record): Simon, Paul, Rob, Joe
Band (on the road): Will ‘riz’ Doyle, Dave Holloway, Lord Bunn, Slo Mo, Avalon-John

We are indebted to Kim, The Black Spider, Ewan & Kevin at Rocket, Ryan & Scott at Velocity PR, & Vuz at Vman events, who make this possible.

And to those who receive, hold, fuel, fix & feed us when we fall out of a van everyday on tour & at home: Laura Lou, Oscar Thompson, The Dustpunk Kids, Dave Wolinski, Kneebone, Andy Dobson, Feedle, Camilla, Jo Bliss, Huxley, Kato, Rachel, Tza, Dza, Nat Barker, Jaemi Zahra-Hall, Pwoydah, Jimmychangas, Karlos Jackal, Bex & Darren, Al English, Ham & Bec, Jacqui, Nat Tanzer, Annie Kelly, Lizzie, Nick Burke, Helene, Pirate Pete, Matt, Damo, Stocky, Iain Armstrong, Big Jim, and that ever-loving, everlasting arm: the strongholds of our families.
Steel City Guitars who fix the unfixable, The Media Lounge, John Peel, Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens, Simon at Maida Vale, John Kennedy, Martin & Kai at the Joiners, Stuart McAdie, Muna Ibrahim, Bert & Dave at Bok, Ady at Vacuous Pop, Dave & Pippa at Exeter Cavern, Sharon, Mike & Jenny in Aberdeen, Jo Doyle & the Doyle family, Mike Diver, Sean Organ, Paul Jackson & everyone at the Hull Adelphi, Whiskas, Jenny Brown, Amir, Sain & the Cocaine Lottery, all at the Derby Vic Inn, Kev & Kerry at Avalon Studios, Dave Darco & his talking bird, Matthew Beechey, Mark at Kingston Peel, Kristina at Monotreme, Andy Rossiter, Ben at Brave Soldier Fanzine, Star, Peter Hollo at Utility Fog, Mothboy, Penny at Fuzz Club, Luke Drozd, Lee at Corporation, Marc Bird, Neil at Yorkshire CND, Sam at Labour Behind The Label, Jenny at the Trade Justice Movement, Rebecca at Corporate Watch, Paul & Robbo at Electro Music, Arnold Clark Van Hire, Plymouth A&E, Brompton Oratory.

And on tiny stages and in backroad towns, trying to make it pay:
Dustpunk Records, Ghost Records, Comes with a Smile Magazine, Play Dead Magazine, Sandman Magazine Sheffield, Tasty Fanzine, Selfworth Records, Norman Records, Truck Records, Ejector Seat, Adaadat Records, Drownedinsound, Organ Magazine, Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies, Peace Burial At Sea, From Monuments to Masses, The Mirimar Disaster, Tired Irie, Fake Ideal (R.I.P.), Fickle Public, DJ Scotch Egg, The Mass, Forward Russia, Smokers Die Younger, The Uninvited, Future eX Wife, Dirty Blood, Brenda, Chora, Thee More Shallows, Mr Fist, & First Day Back (Forever).

See you on the road until the fuel runs dry.

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