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On this page is a collection of online homes for the band and people involved with the band. If you know of more, please let me know so I can add to this list. for everything, always.
Check the band on facebook, twitter, instagram, soundcloud, and vimeo.

For all your 65 needs and info, check the 65kids created wiki.

Wreckipedia for all your 65 info.

Paul can be found on facebooktwitterinstagramsoundcloud, bandcamp and vimeo.
Simon can be found on instagramsoundcloud, bandcamp and vimeo.
Rob can be found on twitter.
Joe can be found on instagram.
To get in contact with the band, use this form on the official website.
For booking, please contact Debbie Clare at LittleBig Booking Agency (this is their website). She is also the vocalist on Debutante and Supermoon, and can be found on twitter and soundcloud.
For management, please contact Andy Farrow at Northern Music Company (this is their website).

(v) , home of Caspar Newbolt, creator of numerous incredible 65-related artwork.
Caspar is on twitter and instagram.

Lord Bunn is another frequent collaborator, lord of the merch stand, and air drummer extraordinaire. He has an instagram for his merch stuff, and one for his drawings.

Dave Medlo has created music videos and other visuals for the band. He can be found on twitter, instagram, vimeo and youtube.

The wonderful people at Laced Records released No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe. Check their website, facebooktwitter and instagram.

Monotreme Records has been the home for most of 65’s albums. Check their website, facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

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