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//interviews // 2020

Interviews from 2020. Most are in English, interviews in other languages will have translations. If you want to help out with translations, let me know at

March 7
Flowers Loftはとてもいいハコだったよ!」イギリス・シェフィールド出身のポストロックバンド〈65daysofstatic〉のポールとサイモンがFlowers Loftのオープンを祝うために来日!

original link (Japanese)

April 23
65daysofstatic: ‘The most crucial role for an artist these days is to try and imagine better futures’

original link

May 7
Inside 65daysofstatic’s “A Year of Wreckage,” a Monthly Run of Bandcamp-Exclusive EPs

original link

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