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Fuze Magazine – Contradicting the contradiction

(original link (in German), pg. 21)

65daysofstatic’s two guitarists are sitting at a hotel bar in Cologne. They would have preferred not getting permission to fly to Germany only for an interview. “When we formed the band five or six years ago, we were hopelessly naive. We thought the only thing you could do in life was playing in a band. With time, you get older, are somewhat successful and you realize that traveling around as a band has massive consequences for the environment that can’t be justified,” explains Paul Wolinski. “Yet, how to change something you have been struggling to achieve for such a long time?” With these words, his band mate Joe Shrewsbury summarizes 65daysofstatic’s dilemma. Despite their contradicting situation as a band on tour, they want to raise awareness about one of our time’s most urgent problems, instead of apathetically join the ones who keep quiet. “It’s not about preaching something. We want this topic to become part of the public consciousness and people to start thinking about it, since the government does nothing. Perhaps, music alone can’t change the world, but it creates a common ground, a common interest which then becomes a foundation for change. It’s every band’s duty to take part in that. When people are interested in you and ask you a question, you might as well say something useful instead of just reciting cliches.” 65daysofstatic’s approach is as simple as it is brilliant. You can’t reproach an instrumental band for being dogmatic. So, they have more freedom to act and express themselves in interviews in a more specific way. Other bands’ messages need to overcome their own musical borders first. Yet, Joe Shrewsbury is against the label of a political band. “That’s the point. People always think that it’s up to the bands to be political, but it’s truly about politics becoming part of our daily lives. It’s important that people get interested in how they can change the world, because that’s exactly what we have to do.” Paradoxical as it may seem, it’s especially thanks to their numerous trips that 65daysofstatic came to this conclusion. “The more you travel around, the more you become aware of what makes the world go round. Getting to know people from other cultures personally goes far beyond everything you think you know from the media. Traveling is one of the most important things you can do in life.”

Translation by 65kid Arabella Lutz.

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