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//escape from new york (2009)

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Recorded at: Madison Square Garden (tracks 1, 4 & 7) & Radio City Music Hall (tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8-10) on tour with The Cure in the U.S.
Recorded to digital by: Keith Uddin
Mixed & mastered at: 2Fly Studios (by Dave ‘that’s still not in tune’ Sanderson)
Label: Monotreme Records (UK & US) & Zankyo Records (Japan)
Releases: MONO-41P & MONO-41N (Monotreme), ZNR-069 (Zankyo)
Management: HBF Management

Madison Square Garden recordings on 180608
Radio City Music Hall recordings on 190608

Front of House mixed by Brennan Houser.
Monitors & endless invaluable help: Ben Phillips.
Lights: Alison Triplett.
Stage Manager: Shawn ‘This is your 35 minute call’ Saucier.
Mic placement & happy thoughts: Wayne ‘Chan’ Teaster.
Bus/5-Axle-Car driven by Patrick Bane.
Tour Management, Guitar Tech, Backline Tech, Security, Drinking Partner, Co-Conspirator, GPS, President of Film Club, Mum, Dad, Brother, Lover: The Black Spider.

Mixing and mastering done on 15th-16th December 2008.

Thank you: Scott Bartlett, Hels Bels, Richard Bill, Justin Bridgewater, Kevin Brown @ Upstaging Inc, Dave Clifford, Jason Cooper, Fanatic PR, Ben @ Vic Firth, Simon Gallup, Tony Gittins, Megan Hanna, Kim Harrison-Lavoie, Jules Knight, Bill Leabody, Dan LeFevre, Evan O’Brien @ Korg/Marshall, Liam O’Neil, Michael Oertel, Sean Patterson, Brian S. Reynolds @ Provident Financial Management, Jeff Skellon, Robert Smith, Pete Spiby, Amiria Swanson, Nick Storch, Stefan Wolter

Directed by Caspar Newbolt for {V} Industries.
Shot on tour in Europe & America, 2008.
Any likeness to anything is probably just a trick of the light.

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