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From June 16 to 19, the North By Northwest festival delivers an exciting line-up which challenges the boundaries of traditional cinema. For instance, the band 65Daysofstatic will perform a completely new soundtrack to the science fiction classic Silent Running (Douglas Trumbull, 1972). The movie, in which a lonely crew member aboard a spaceship balances on the edge of madness, immediately became a favourite. DJBroadcast talked to guitarist Paul Wolinski about the conception of the soundtrack.

After an intensive tour, the band were approached at the end of 2010 by the Glasgow Film Festival to create a soundtrack for the movie. “The timing was perfect, as we weren’t ready yet to start work on a new album. And we’d always wanted to create a soundtrack. Initially, it was supposed to be just those two nights at that festival, but it was greeted with so much enthusiasm that we were asked to perform it at other festivals, like the North By Northwest festival.” Interest in the band isn’t all that strange. 65Daysofstatic’s music has often been called cinematic, something they’re really happy with.

When looking for the right film for the North By Northwest festival, the band were completely free to choose. “It was really cool that we were afforded this freedom. We only watched Silent Running recently, but it’s a film that leaves an impression. Besides that, we’re all big fans of movies from that era, especially the scienefiction movies. From a technical viewpoint it was an interesting proposition as well. As there’s barely any music during dialogue, it was easy to separate it. We were then able to add our own interpretation without losing the dialogue’s audio. That was very important. We didn’t want it to be a kind of art installation where we play the music over the movie’s audio. It has to remain a typical cinema experience for the audience, just enhanced with an extra dimension.”

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