Hi! I’m Tofr.

I have been a huge 65 fan for 11 years now. I live in Ghent, Belgium, with my girlfriend Annemie and my cat Sprotje. Even though I’ve worked for over 10 years, I’m going back to school in September to study Communication management.
This website is a tribute in two ways. Obviously, it’s made for everyone who loves the best band in the world, 65daysofstatic. But it’s also a tribute to 65kids.com. You won’t find anything under that web address anymore, but it used to be the best fan-made band website around. It’s been gone for over five years now, but I hope that this space can become a worthy follow-up.

I will be using the site as a kind of music blog as well, but since previous efforts at making a blog usually ended up with too much 65-spamming on my part, I thought it better to just do it here.

I can be found on twitter, instagram and tumblr for those of you who are into that kind of thing.

Thank you for visiting this site. It is a work of love, which I hope can keep growing and be an online home for anyone with any affinity towards the boys from Sheffield.