65propaganda270611 – Silent Running Release?

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Hi, custodians of 65world!

We hope this finds you well. It’s been a while….

If you keep up with us on Twitter or Facebook then you’ll probably have noticed that since we finished touring our We Were Exploding Anyway record, we’ve not been playing out much.

When we have, it’s been to perform our re-score of Douglas Trumbull’s Silent Running. We were originally asked to write this by Glasgow Film Festival in February (who we are eternally grateful to for giving us the impetus to do it in the first place) and since then people keep asking us to perform it again and again, sometimes clapping at the end.

A whole lot of people keep asking us if we have any plans to release it as a proper record in its own right. We didn’t before they started asking us. Now we do.

Wrap your face round this:

– We’re gonna use the brilliantly named Indiegogo to float the idea of recording this soundtrack and making it available as a limited edition vinyl release and digital download.

– The record will comprise all the major pieces of music we’ve written for Silent Running, and some of the incidental sections will also be available for bonus downloads.

– Prices for the download start at about a fiver (prices show up in dollars, but it works for everyone worldwide).

– Every fiver will help to make the record, but if you want to get more involved, then if you give more we’ll give you more too. There’s a whole load of related stuff you can order – the limited edition, numbered 12″ vinyl of the album, original artwork postcards or a hand-screen-printed t-shirt.

– There will also be five (five!) handmade 65-synths, built by our Si, that will allow you to decimate the inside of your stereo, or stick through your guitar rig if you’re that way inclined. Hand-built, hand-decorated, official 65 Drone Machines. How about that?

This campaign is gonna run for thirty days in total, so apologies if we keep bringing your attention back to it over the next few weeks. By the end of that time, we’ll either get to work recording, mixing and improving upon this upcoming release, or get back to what we were doing before and we’ll all agree to never speak of this again.

Basically, if enough people want this soundtrack to exist as a digital download and lovely heavyweight vinyl, it will. If they don’t, it won’t. And for the first time in a long time, only us and you are involved. No middle-men or corporate deals to fuck everything up. We’re resurrecting Dustpunk Records at long last, and that’s just us in a room – the best kind of hassle-free cottage industry.

Go HERE to start exploring.

Spread the word to all your synthy-sci-fi-soundtrack-loving friends!

Lots of love,