65propaganda270611 – Silent Running Release – UPDATE

Hello again.
Well. That was unexpected. I guess we’re making our Silent Running soundtrack into an official 65 release. We’ll get right on it.Thanks for your immediate and overwhelming support. Right now, there are still a handful of the initial quantities of no-longer-hypothetical vinyl available to order, and a few exclusive shirts. We’ve had a lot of people get in touch worried that these are going to sell out long before they have a chance to order.

This campaign is still going to run for the 31 days we originally intended. The digital downloads will be available throughout, of course.

The vinyl currently available is based on the super-limited run of 250 that we had first considered.

It now looks like we have seriously underestimated the interest in this, so will probably increase this number. As stated in the original announcement, these vinyl will be numbered so we’ll make sure that the first 250 orders get the first 250, as a special thanks for getting involved so early. But either way, this will be a limited release and so could well sell out before the 31 days are up. Best not wait too long if you can help it.

We might increase the number of tshirts available too because they have also proved to be incredibly popular. Again – we’re still talking relatively small numbers. If you’ve already ordered the vinyl but want to upgrade to get a tshirt too, just email us and let us know. We will sort it out.

Regards the 65NOISEBOXES… These are not going to be widely available. The five we made available sold out in about 15 minutes. We are going to look into building a few more, but it won’t be many. We will let you know via Twitter/Facebook if we can up the total amount of these in advance of them being made available, so you can be prepared. However, competition is likely to be fierce. If you have already ordered, then you’ll be able to upgrade – we don’t expect you to buy the rest of the stuff twice. Good luck!

If you would like to help us spread to word to others you like will be interested, then this is what you need: [link no longer available]

We really appreciate all your support.