65propaganda261012 – New Asian dates Announced & Other Concerns

1 | 65’s Pan-Continental Far Away Tour.
2 | Do Giant Squids Exist?
3 | Look After the Pennies and the Pounds Will Look After Themselves.

1 | 65’s Pan-Continental Far Away Tour.

You probably already know about our dates in Australia in the new year. We’re really happy to announce new dates in Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and China immediately after. We’ve been trying to come to some of these places for a long, long time so we’re overjoyed to finally get there. Here is the full tour:

Sun 30th December: Peat’s Ridge Festival, Glenworth Valley (Sydney), Australia. TICKETS

Wed 2nd January: The Hi Fi, Sydney, Australia. TICKETS

Thu 3rd January: The Hi Fi, Brisbane, Australia. TICKETS

Fri 4th January: Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia. TICKETS

Sat 5th January: The Bakery, Perth, Australia. TICKETS

Tue 8th January: The Bee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wed 9th January: Neo Studio, Taipei, Taiwan

Thu 10th January: The Wall, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Fri 11th January: Music Zone, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Sat 12th January: Mao Live House, Shanghai, China

Sun 13th January: Yu Gong Yi Shan, Beijing, China

If you’re reading that list of dates and thinking, ‘but that isn’t far away at all, that’s round the corner’, then you should totally get tickets and come. Follow us on Twitter for ticket links as soon as we have them.

2 | Do Giant Squids Exist?

Yes we know they do, but we’ve only ever seen a few of them, and that’s the universal we, as in ‘people-kind’, not we as in the four members of 65, none of whom have ever seen a giant squid either. But we know they’re down there, in the dark, doing what giant squids do while waiting for the occasional sperm whale.

Sometimes you wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, fresh from some eyeless dream you were having down there, leviathan shapes moving through the darkness. Finding oneself intact and unharmed (at least physically) in the safety of your bed, thoughts turn to other matters.

Like how the Arctic Sea ice might be at its lowest, not just since satellite records began, but for a million years.

Like how Americans are being forced to choose between two possible next presidents who both think a high-tech, murderous drone program that kills innocent kids is really cool and that boasting about the crippling sanctions that are literally threatening the lives of millions of Iranians is a good way to get (re)elected. The USA might not be the most powerful country in the world any more (even if it thinks it is) but the people in charge there still have a lot of BIG FUCKING GUNS.

Like how ships of peace activists trying to navigate a blockade to bring much-needed supplies to occupied Palestine can be attacked with impunity in international waters by Israel and the mainstream media barely even notice. (At least none of the activists were murdered this time).

Like how the health care that has looked after countless loved ones is slowly getting dismantled by probably the biggest bunch of self-serving idiots who have ever inhabited Downing Street (although that last lot who invaded Iraq are still putting up a good fight for that title).

Or like the AIM Independent Music Awards, for which 65daysofstatic have been nominated in the ‘hardest working band’ category. The ‘giant squid’ of the music industry, if you will.

And we have worked quite hard, to be fair. The other day we were writing music for almost 72 hours. Philip Glass said “You get up early in the morning and you work all day – that’s all I know”. In fact, they should probably give the award to Philip. He’s independent, isn’t he?

So we’ll let you know how that works out. Mark Thomas tweeted recently something like ‘Awards don’t matter until you win one’, and we have never won an award so we can only take his word for it.

3 | Look After the Pennies and the Pounds Will Look After Themselves.

We have now amassed nearly a full Smirnoff bottle of pennies, but the pounds are still not taking on new responsibilities or independence.

BUT! Anyone with pocket money should head to 65STORE where for a limited time only, the purchase of a 65dos shirt will come with a free download of our Silent Running album.

Thanks for sticking around.
RobSiJoePaul65 x.