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As you might be aware of, our Silent Running campaign was a huge success. You all helped us clear our target figure in about four hours. We’d doubled that total by the end of the first day. Then we made a few more noiseboxes and so many of you tried to buy them that you broke Indiegogo and we all had A LOT OF FUN getting that all sorted out.

Still. A runaway success. Thank you. There are now only three days left. You can still pre-order the digital download, even though this intial vinyl run is sold out. Although this download will still be available once the record is officially released in the autumn, ordering it now will keep you up to date on the making-of nonsense we’ll be posting on through the Indiegogo mailing lists over the next couple of months.

For the moment, we can tell you we’re headed into the studio in about a week to actually get started on the recording of this. Wasting no time. The indefatigable Caspar Newbolt (who did the artwork for WWEA – you can even read an article he wrote about it HERE) is on artwork duties again. So that’s pretty cool, huh? It’s like a whole new 65daysofstatic record that none of us really expected.

What we are also gonna do, right now in fact, is make the schematic for Si’s 65Noisebox available, so that those who have shown an interest in building their own can do so. It looks like this: [image no longer available]If anyone does make one – let us know! We’d love to see it…

Finally, whilst spaceships are perhaps not the most environmentally-friendly forms of transport, the shuttle program cost considerably less than pointless, endless war and bank bailouts, and really does show how amazing the human race can be when we put our minds to it. That being the case, we’re flattered that our music has been used to soundtrack THIS VIDEO, made with footage directly from NASA, which shows every single shuttle mission in chronological order. The first track, ‘PX3’ is from last year’s Heavy Sky e.p and is actually still downloadable from HERE for free, should you have missed that.

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Remember last year we did a residency at Edinburgh festival as Jean Abreu’s backing band? Well, we’re doing a special one-off show with him at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on September 21st. WHO WOULD EVER HAVE GUESSED 65DAYSOFSTATIC WOULD EVER PLAY THE SOUTHBANK!? Not us, that’s for sure. Anyway – in case you missed this last time round, here’s the skinny:

– Jean Abreu is a wonderful choreographer.
– He wrote a piece called ‘INSIDE’, and soundtracked it entirely with 65 songs.
– He got in touch with us, asking if we’d be interested in doing a few performances of it with him live, so we did.
– We’re kind of hidden behind a curtain at the back of the stage.
– In front of us, there’s a whole lot of technically-amazing dance going on.
– It’s about prison.
– Jean chose loads of songs that we have never played live before, so it was actually quite exciting for us to find ways to make them work.

So. If you’re a fan of all that piano/weird stuff we did on Destruction and One Time that you never see us perform at our usual HIGH OCTANE rock shows, then you should grab yourselves tickets for this show. We will endeavour, of course, to make it as loud as possible anyway.

We’re gonna have a direct ticket link coming very soon – check our twitter/facebook, but in the mean time, here’s more info: Southbank Centre.

See ya later.