65propaganda211010 – Heavy Sky Pre-Order Update

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Good evening.

As is traditional in this crazy game of vagabonds and thieves, we’re experiencing a slight hitch at the last minute regards the Heavy Sky pre-order. Due to a slight miscalculation on the part of our label, we are left, bereft, with not enough copies of the Heavy Sky EP to mailout to everyone who bought it in time for the release date. Heavy sky indeed.
We have enough to ship the Deluxe and Super Deluxe bundles straight away, but not for the whole pre-order. These remaining copies of the EP will be mailed out on Wednesday 27th October. This kind of defeats the object of a pre-order, we know, but there is literally NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Anyway, Hassle Records have furnished us with this statement:

To everyone who has pre-ordered the 65daysofstatic, ‘Heavy Sky’ EP,

Unfortunately due to manufacturing issues relating 100% from Hassle Records side, there is a delay on when these will be sent out. All pre-orders will now be sent out on Wednesday 27th October. In part way of an apology for this, everyone who has pre-ordered the EP, will now receive digital files of all tracks on the Friday before release (22nd Oct), instead of the actual release date.

We can’t express enough apologies and hold our hands up 100% on this being our mistake.

Hassle Records

As my old history teacher would have said, “C minus, MUST TRY HARDER”,  but you have to appreciate the apology.

Now it could be argued that in a world where oil shortages (a la Francais) and the like are probably going to become more frequent, or you live (as we do) under a government who is systematically dismantling your society piece by piece, receiving a CD a few days late isn’t that important.

We, however, would completely disagree with that. Music is the E45 cream of life, the audible moisturizer to the dry face of human existence, the noise-eggs on music toast in bed on a Sunday to life’s hangover, and we are so very disappointed that this has happened, especially considering the amount of work we’ve put in to getting this right.

We cannot apologise enough for this state of affairs, but having spent much of this week trying to sort it out, we’re going to have to take this one on the chin.
We hope you understand.

We are still taking orders on the store, because the bundles are still great deals if you are happy to wait a few extra days – you will still get the digital e.p on the day of the release of course, and if you order before Monday you will get the two exclusive pre-order tracks as well.

Elsewhere in 65world, in between making REALLY QUITE EXCITING PLANS for 2011, we’re rehearsing for the tour in a room no bigger than the average bathroom. Imagine being that cramped up with people you’ve just spent the last SEVEN TO TEN YEARS WITH. Brilliant. If we don’t split up tomorrow, we’ll probably get round to learning how to play Sawtooth Rising. And some other choice cuts of 65 beef.