65propaganda210313 – New single: Taipei / DroneNotDrones

1 | Taipei Single / Drone Not Drones

Good day.

The next single from Wild Light will be the Taipei, a song we first conceived in the city it’s named after. It’ll be released on 23rd March via Superball Records, coupled with the b-side ‘DroneNotDrones’.

We wrote DroneNotDrones last year, shortly after finishing Wild Light. In the interim, it turns out that somebody took this idea and ran much further with it, which we feel we ought to acknowledge. The idea, after all, is a bit more important than a sloganeering song title:dronenotdrones.com.

Again, we don’t pretend to be in any way connected with this project, but it seems like something worth supporting to us. Drone is great; drones are murderous.

The single will be available in digital format only, so don’t go legging it to your nearest independent record store to get a copy. There’s apparently no link to a pre-order though, which is weird. It’s almost as if… no. Never mind. We’re able to stream Drone Not Drones from next week though, so let’s meet back here then, yeah?

2 | About to go on tour again

Right, so, there’s a bunch of dates coming. The *only* UK Fall of Math show (this is where we are playing two sets, the first being our debut album in its entirety), is the Koko show, London. This is sold out, so apologies for that. There’s a few European FOM shows though. So you can always come to them instead. Also, there is a very good chance that we will be airing some of the rarer tracks off that record during the shows either side of this.

Remember, Thought Forms are main support for all shows (UK and Europe), with the exception of Koko, where support comes from the equally-excellent Nathan Fake, Brighton, where support comes from Phoria, and the two Silent Running Live Soundtrack performances, which are part of the Convergence Festival. So these spring dates are now looking like this:

Mar 25 – Phoenix, Exeter, UK | TICKETS
Mar 26 – The Brook, Southampton, UK | TICKETS
Mar 27 – Koko, London, UK | SOLD OUT
Mar 28 – Arts Centre, Norwich, UK | TICKETS
Mar 29 – The Arches, Glasgows, UK | TICKETS
Mar 30 – Fibbers, York, UK | TICKETS

Apr 14 – Junction 1, Cambridge, UK | TICKETS
Apr 15 – La Maroquinerie (Fall of Math Show), Paris, FRANCE | TICKETS
Apr 16 – C-Club (Fall of Math Show), Berlin, GERMANY | TICKETS
Apr 17 – Ancienne Belgique (Fall of Math Show), Brussels, BELGIUM | TICKETS
Apr 18 – Tivoli (Fall of Math Show), Utrecht, NETHERLANDS | TICKETS
Apr 19 – The Haunt, Brighton, UK | TICKETS
Apr 27 – Silent Running Live (two shows 4pm & 8pm), London, UK | TICKETS
May 3 – Sound City, Liverpool, UK |TICKETS
Jun 6 – Plisskën Festival, Athens, GREECE | TICKETS
Jul 4 – Sonisphere, Knebworth, UK | TICKETS
Jul 19 – Dour Festival, Dour, Belgium | TICKETS
Sep 19 – Incubate Festival, Tilburg, NETHERLANDS | TICKETS

See you on the road, we hope. 65daysofstatic x
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