65propaganda191211 – End of year blues/some t-shirts

1 | New Old T-Shirts
2 | Shuttle Soundtracking
3 | End of Year Blues

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If, like us, you’ve been ignoring Christmas, then you be pleased to know that there are four new t-shirts and a hoodie in the 65 online shop, available for you to order just a little bit too late to catch the last post for Christmas. Because, let’s face it, if you’re the sort of person who wants to buy a 65daysofstatic t-shirt as a gift, and the person you are intending to give it to is somebody who would appreciate such a thing, then the chances are that both of you are the rational sort of people who don’t put much value in the giving of gifts at specific times, rather than just trying to be good to each other all year round.

That being said, buying t-shirts from us rather than, say, Topshop, would at least give your clothing specific meaning. This way, when you’re out at that night club, or at that protest, or listening to that science lecture, and you spot a fellow 65 t-shirt wearer, you can share a secret little nod. There’ll be an instant bond that lets you say to each other,

‘Hey! I like that quite-obscure band too, but more importantly, probably share some pretty fundamental beliefs with you about the way the world should work but doesn’t. Let’s go get a drink!’

without even opening your mouth. (Unless you open them to kiss each other or something).

Plus we pay our tax .

Anyway. That’s the point of a 65 t-shirt, so if that sounds appealing to you perhaps you should order one, Christmas or No-Christmas.

You can find them here: STORE

65-concert-goers may notice that these designs have previously been available at our shows, but we decided that because there are still a lot of places in the world we haven’t been, and because it’s taken us about ten years to get our bad-capitalist-act together enough to actually have an online shop, this would be a sensible place to start. There’ll be new designs soon enough, and perhaps some popular older ones too, for people who have been asking about them.

One final note: Until the new year, if you spend at least £24 (i.e – two shirts) then you’ll get a 10% discount, which, as far as our vastly complex business plan goes, is called ‘making it up as we go along’.

2 |

The Space Shuttle film made by scientist Adam Rutherford and soundtracked by remixed versions of our songs ‘PX3’ and ‘Retreat! Retreat!’ has received renewed attention over the past couple of weeks. This is because the film (with an introduction from Adam) has been getting played at deafeningly loud volumes as part of the recent Uncaged Monkeys tour. We went to see it last week and the whole show was wonderful.
You can see the video in question HERE and the first song, ‘PX3’, is still available as a free download at 65daysofstatic.com. (Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it).

Anyway – a big hello to all the new fans we have appeared to pick up as a result of that. (And nice work with the Higgs).

3 |

It’s been a bit of an unexpected year for 65. We finished touring We Were Exploding Anyway in Singapore back in March with two insane, back-to-back shows. (When we close a show with Tiger Girl, it usually finishes us off. Doing that, having a quiet sit down for 20 minutes and then going back on stage to do a whole show again is something none of us are gonna forget in a hurry).

When we got back from Singapore, the plan was to take a couple of months just to catch our breath and carefully extract ourselves from the death grip of the music industry, so we could settle down to begin writing the next record. Instead, thanks to all of you, we ended up mostly busying ourselves with the incredible Silent Running project. It spiralled completely out of our control and we loved it. Thanks for turning what we thought would just be two fun nights in Glasgow playing music over Bruce Dern and some robots into Silent Running performances all over Europe, a wholly unanticipated new 65daysofstatic ‘soundtrack’ record (available HERE), and the extremely unlikely rebirth of Dustpunk Records.

It’s very much appreciated.

2012 will be a year a year of writing and perhaps the occasional outing to road-test new material. For instance, we have just been confirmed as headliners for this year’s dunk!festival in Zottegem, Belgium (April 6th – 8th). Whilst there will probably be a smattering of other shows, we’ll be saving the full-on touring we love so much until we have a new record ready to go.

Time to retreat into the shadows now.
See you on the other side.