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Hi. It’s us.

We’ve got quite a concise festival season this year, since we’re busy in our 65 bunker, slowly but surely succumbing to agoraphobia and going deaf.

Nevertheless, we are thrilled to be creeping up those bills, headlining a few festivals and making our debuts in countries we’ve been trying to get to for years now.

To celebrate this, we’re giving away a free e.p – The Last Dance – that’s got a selection of tracks from our past few records. It’s nothing that you can’t find on the torrentz in about 30 seconds, but it’s got new artwork and it flows sensibly from start to finish like an iTunes shuffle doesn’t.

It’s entirely possible, if you’re reading this email, that you already have all these tracks. If that’s the case, then thanks. What would be amazing is if you could pass this on to your friends who don’t, especially if you’re heading to any festivals with them this year where we’ll be playing. So please share. Everywhere. It’s the future.

Please click though to Soundcloud to download it.

Or, if torrenting is more your thing, then please take THIS and seed it.

Here are The Last Dance Festival Shows:

12th July – Cockpit, Leeds, UK (Exlusive Festival Warm-up show. TICKETS)
13th July – 2000 Trees, Cheltenham (SOLD OUT)
15th July – Ilosaarirock, Joensuu, Finland (TICKETS)
21st July – Truck Festival, Oxford (
22nd July – Tramlines, Sheffield (Free Festival – INFO)

7th August – Terraneo Festival, Croatia (TICKETS)

There’s a few more to come, hopefully, but maybe it’s worth noting that none of them are in the UK.

That Cockpit warm-up show could well be the only club venue you’ll see us in until next year.

And it’ll be great.

So don’t say we didn’t warn you.

One final piece of noteworthy news:

Our online store has just been restocked, so if you’ve been waiting for something in your size, now is the time to grab it. THREADS.

That’s it. Good luck with all your battles.
We’ll see you down the road.