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Good day to you, 65ers.

To celebrate the ticking over of another set of circumstances, the creeping normalcy of tax loopholes, political homophobia and an increasingly soviet-union circa-1938 feel to reality and in advance of 65 radio-silence while we head skyward and far away over the edge of the earth to court the friendship of terra australis incognita, but definitely not to mark any particular time of year or outdated mode of ritual hallucination, we are releasing last year’s ‘Coach Road Session’ into the network, the internets, the patchy pools of future we’re all swimming in.

We recorded it for Beatcast-TV last year, but people have said such nice things about it, including our mate Damo who knows about these things and has a three-legged dog, that we thought now was a good time to make it available.

The tracks we recorded (in one take, no-less) are:

2.Piano Fights
4.Burial Scene

“Truly sublime, a barely-rendered patchwork of a band at its most exhausted”

– Piers Morgan, who never LIES.

The tracks are available as FLAC & 320kbps MP3 from our shambolic and family-run webstore, which also has some lovely new 65 t-shirt designs in it. It pays its taxes, and Si makes better coffee than Starbucks anyway. It also funds us not getting evicted from our rehearsal room.

If you are reading this mailout because you have signed up to our mailing list, then as a thanks for being interested, if you input the promo code: ‘ANTI-SANTA-65’ then you’ll receive 20% off anything at all in the store. This will run until the end of 2012.

Here are those far-away dates again in full, in case you missed them:

Sun 30th December: Peat’s Ridge Festival, Glenworth Valley (Sydney), Australia. TICKETS

Wed 2nd January: The Hi Fi, Sydney, Australia. TICKETS

Thu 3rd January: The Hi Fi, Brisbane, Australia. TICKETS

Fri 4th January: Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia. TICKETS

Sat 5th January: The Bakery, Perth, Australia. TICKETS

Tue 8th January: The Bee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia TICKETS

Wed 9th January: Neo Studio, Taipei, Taiwan TICKETS

Thu 10th January: The Wall, Kaohsiung, Taiwan TICKETS

Fri 11th January: Music Zone, Hong Kong, Hong Kong TICKETS

Sat 12th January: Mao Live House, Shanghai, China TICKETS

Sun 13th January: Yu Gong Yi Shan, Beijing, China TICKETS

Follow the ticket links for tickets and if you’re in Australia then it’s also well worth taking a minute to check out the Bird’s Robe Records website HERE which is hosting the Australian deluxe releases and now also has tour shirts and posters available for pre-order.

Meanwhile, back in 65 world, we’re in the belly of the whale, the shark’s mouth, the viper’s nest. Protect the queen! Album number 6 is rising/hatching/forming like so many Terminator/Jurassic Park/The Thing analogies. This could be the weirdest one yet, but you’re going to have to wait a little longer.

Thanks for sticking around 65kids.
That was 2012. Blinked, missed it.
RobSiJoePaul65 x.