65propaganda111010 – Heavy Sky Pre-Order Information

Put simply, it’s 6 brand new tracks from the Exploding sessions, plus a new edit of Tiger Girl.

We’ve been working hard on trying to make this pre-order something special, as it will be the last 65daysofstatic release from the Exploding project before we embark on something new. We’re really proud of these tracks – any of them could have been on the album – so we really wanted to release them, and to make a release that wasn’t just a rip-off for our fans, but something worth owning.

The e.p is released 25th October on Hassle Records. If you pre-order the physical copy of the e.p, you will get a digital download on the 25th October whilst the e.p is shipped out to you. Also, when you place your order there will be an IMMEDIATE download of two totally exclusive tracks that you can’t get anywhere else. These are ‘Wrong Shape (Alternative Version)’ and ‘Come to Me (Wordless Version)’.

There is also a limited edition artwork print that comes with most of the e.p bundles, and a brand new, exclusive tshirt, designed by the wonderful Version Industries (who have done all the artwork for this Exploding project) that you can add to your order if you want. On top of this, if you are still missing the vinyl of our album, or the previous 7inch singles, we have managed to create some great deluxe bundles where you can get some really good discounts.

Again – we’re 65daysofstatic and quite amateurish at capitalism, so we aren’t doing this to try and rip anybody off. We’re doing this because we figure that the best way a band can face this future of torrents and downloading is not to get angry with the people who take our music for free, but to instead focus our efforts on making actual, physical things that people will hopefully want to own.

This is what we’re trying to make happen with the new E.P.

So – if you’re interested, you can find the full details over at the PRE-ORDER PAGE. There’s even more than we’ve mentioned here, like badges and sticker packs, posters, video downloads and digital downloads of the previously vinyl-only b-sides… Very comprehensive. Some of it is limited in quantity, so get involved sooner rather than later.

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All that remains to say now is that we are only three weeks away from the November Heavy Sky Euro/UK tour. We’ll be using these weeks to prepare some of these new tracks so we can slot them into our sets. At various stages along the road we’ll be joined by Nedry, Kong, Civil Civic and Tall Ships, all of whom are blindingly good. These will be the last 65daysofstatic dates of the year, and they look like this:

November 7th: Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands – with Civil Civic and Nedry
November 8th: Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 9th: Lido, Berlin, Germany – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 10th: Blue Note, Poznan, Poland
November 11th: Conne Island, Leipzig, Germany – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 12th: Schüür, Lucerne, Switzerland – with Civil Civic
November 13th: Kiff, Aarau, Switzerland – with Civil Civic
November 14th: Tunnel Club, Milan, Italy – with Civil Civic
November 16th: Nouveau Casino, Paris, France – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 17th: Les Trinitaires, Metz, France – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 18th: La Botanique, Brussels, Belgium – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 19th: Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 20th: Joiners (late show), Southampton, UK – with Kong
November 21st: Arts Centre, Norwich, UK – with Kong
November 22nd: O2 Academy, Oxford, UK – with Kong
November 23rd: O2 Academy, Leicester, UK – with Kong
November 24th: Palace, Aldershot, UK – with Kong
November 25th: Academy 2, Manchester, UK – with Kong
November 26th: CAMP, London, UK – with Kong

Just click the venue if you wanna buy tickets.

Oh Mamma, we’re going on tour. I’m about to smash me some guinea pigs and bring the fucking party.