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There’s only a week before we hit the Glasgow Film Festival to do our live re-scoring of Douglas Trumbull’s excellent and remarkably strange sci-fi ‘Silent Running’. Writing it has been a clusterfuck of messy technology and syncing issues that we will hopefully sweep into the corners of the stage and cover with a rug of sci-fi bleeps and pointless-but-fun melodrama.

All music so far is original, noisy, and kind of old-school 65, inspired by watching a man in an all-in-one talk to a rabbit, eat a melon and engage in aggressive gardening.

It premiers at Glasgow Film Festival:

19th February, The Arches.
20th February, The Arches.

and will also be performed at Bestival on Sept 10th.

It’s doubtful it will go on to a record breaking run on Broadway, BUT YOU NEVER KNOW?
Tickets and info about the rest of the festival can be found here…..

The Arches
Glasgow Film Festival

We are gonna be running a competition in the next few days to win a pair of tickets for each night. We’ll do this either on our twitter: @65dos, or our Facebook: 65facebook so get in the loop, yeah?

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Next month we will be hitting Taiwan and Singapore for a bunch of shows. We are so excited about this it’s untrue.
But it is true!

New places, new ears to smash, new variations on popular drinks: that’s what it’s all about, pal.

Before any of you ask (or actually, because so many of you already have) we tried our very best to get shows in Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Jakarta…even Australia. We really did. And some of them we almost pulled off.

What we will do, is play as loud as is humanly possible to play when we’re in Singapore and Taiwan in the hope that, if you listen carefully, you’ll be able to hear us. These are the specific dates:

6th March 2011 – Megaport Music Festival, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.
8th March 2011 – The Wall, Tapei, Taiwan.
13th March 2011 – Mosaic Music Festival, The Esplanade, Singapore. (2 shows)

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We Were Exploding Anyway took us twice round Europe, three times to Japan, to Russia and to the edge of our own motor functions and basic numeracy skills. We managed a disappointing 92 shows last year, and we can remember almost all of them. Apologies if we didn’t get to where you live…We’ll try harder next time.

An incredible amount of work went into making it all happen, from too many people to name, and an inordinate amount of people came out to shows or bought the record or brought us sweets and made the whole thing that much better.

Thank you.

We’re going back up the mountain to start concocting the next bitter pill in the audiological pharmacy of the sixty-five-hive-mind.

In case we don’t see you, good luck wading through the doggerel and the idolatry. May you find what you are looking for.

Best wrap up warm. It’s going to rain.