65propaganda101011 – Silent Running free song download, release date, artwork & more

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Good news from the wax factory.

Our ltd. edition Silent Running album, and associated items, will be released on 14th November. If you’re part of the pre-order, your order will ship on the 11th or 12th November and be with you the following week. Awesome! Thank you for helping us get it recorded and made. We listened to the test pressing on Friday and it is warm and loud and sweet, like Joe.

If you were unfashionably late for the party, or possibly at a different party (the wrong party) you may have missed the pre-order, so we’re launching an all new 65DAYS ONLINE STORE right now, to help your hangover. Prices are in UK sterling but we SHIP WORLDWIDE. In there now you’ll find the digital version of the Silent Running album to pre-order, with the bonus EP included.

[link no longer available]

To celebrate the re-awakening of Dustpunk Records, we’ve also included an all new ltd-edition Dustpunk t-shirt, which is available to pre-order until the 13th November and will ship the following week. Dustpunk records is unique in having released 65’s never re-issued ‘stumble.stop.repeat’ debut EP and then NOTHING ELSE for the next 9 years. That’s what happens when you don’t keep your eye on the ball.

We’d like to dedicate our new-found love of capitalism on the internet to George Osborne, David Cameron and the rest of our spineless, useless, lying government. Thanks for fucking nothing.

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In space, no-one can hear you scheme.

The beautiful artwork for the Silent Running vinyl was designed by the exceptionally talented Caspar Newbolt of Version Industries, and it looks a little something like this:

[image no longer available]
The final tracklisting is as follows:

Side A
Space Theme
The Announcement
Safe Distancing
The Scattered Disk
Burial Scene

Side B
Broken Ship Ruse
Space Montage

and the bonus EP includes the following tracks, which wouldn’t fit on the wax, man:

1. Save the Forest
2. Cosmic Wind
3. Valley Forge Theme
4. Shovel Fight

Here’s a free download of ‘Burial Scene’ to get you started/pique your interest. Please pass this far and wide around the internets.

[link no longer available]
If you can’t see this player, GO HERE for the download.

Our final Silent Running show of 2011 will be at the Duke of York’s cinema in Brighton, England on the 25th November. I guess if we have any spare vinyl, we’ll be selling them there…

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In other news, the Polinski album ‘Labyrinths’ is available for PRE-ORDER at Monotreme Records. There’s also a free track called ‘Tangents’ to download over HERE.

“We Were Exploding Anyway” is available at the MONOTREME STORE as well, in a lovely new vinyl edition, and also an impressively low-priced double CD edition which includes the ‘Heavy Sky’ EP.

Shopping at Monotreme is of course, hassle-free, so we do recommend heading over there after you’ve visited 65 WORLD.

Meanwhile, back at 65HQ, we’ve started writing album number 5 (6?). By mistake. In a dark room.