65propaganda100810 – 65 go fractal. Here’s another new record

You might have noticed by now that 65 have become totally institutionalised in the ramshackle world that we’ve built for ourselves. Don’t really know how to stop any more. Instead of recuperating after that year of touring WWEA, we got sidetracked by that whole Silent Running project that’s accidentally (but amazingly) taken off.

Now, to make things even more confusing, a quarter of our hive mind (the one called Paul) has gone and made a record all by himself. It sounds a bit like a quarter of 65daysofstatic really, but also a bit different. Think synths, pianos, noise and 1980s scifi films and you’re pretty much there. It’s called ‘LABYRINTHS’, and it’s being released by the wonderful, indefatigable Monotreme Records in the UK, Europe AND the United States of America. If the fact that Monotreme are putting out this record isn’t a sign of it being quality music you can believe in, then I don’t know what is.

It looks like this: [image no longer available]

You can grab/watch/listen to a glitched-up mix of the whole record right here: http://www.vimeo.com/polinski/labyrinthsteaser.

There will be some live shows in the autumn too. You can find more information at polinskimusic.net or from Paul mumbling about it on twitter at twitter.com/polinski.

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If you follow our twitter or facebook streams then you might be already aware of this, but we recorded and mixed our Silent Running score at 2fly Studios, Sheffield, last week. It is now ready to be mastered and then pressed onto nice, heavy vinyl. We are on track for the autumn release date and hope to confirm an exact date soon.

For all the people who missed the campaign and are asking: it *will* be available to everybody, not just people who pre-ordered it, at the very least as a high quality digital download.

More news on artwork & tshirts coming soon too. We want to make sure they’re great, since this whole thing has, so far, been great.
As of writing, there are still just two more confirmed performances of this rescore:

September 10th – Bestival, Isle of Wight
September 11th Patronaat, Haarlem.

And if you’re pining for something a little less space-based and more prison-based, then there’s always the extra-special one-off performance of Jean Abreu’s INSIDE that we’re playing with him at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in September. Detailz…HERE.

To think that this was gonna be the year we thought we’d disappear for a while…