65propaganda090114 – New Tours, Fall of Math Shows, Supports Announced

“Nice nice very very nice
so many people in the same device.”

It’s next year. Let’s sum up:

1. Last year we released our sixth album, Wild Light onto an unsuspecting universe and as often happens when you drop a pebble into an abyss we’re still waiting to hear the noise as it hits the bottom.  That’s available digitally right HERE (or iTunes if you prefer), and on sweet limited edition vinyl right HERE.

2. Prisms, the first single from Wild Light, was named before Edward Snowden pointed out what many of us had long suspected and this excellent generative video was made by the exceptionally talented Matt Pearson and is viewable HERE on the omnipresent tube. You can DOWNLOAD the track for free too.

3. Other than touring ourselves thin and remaining super-friends we also poured some of the more abstract thoughts from the hinterland of our skulls into ‘Sleepwalk City’, a live audio-visual installation in Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries. A short film about this experience isHERE.

That was then, this is now. Here’s the 65schematic for 2014:

1. Not content with feeling not content we’re heading straight back out on tour. This is happening NEXT WEEK, mainly in Ireland, but also our first Sheffield headline show for a long, long time. Bringing Wild Light back to where it was made, along with everything else and hoping all our friends will turn up to drown out the apathy at us not being the Arctic Monkeys.

Tuesday 14th January 2014 – Chester Live Rooms | TICKETS
Wednesday 15th January 2014 – Cork Cyprus Avenue | TICKETS
Thursday 16th January 2014 – Limerick Dolan’s | TICKETS
Friday 17th January 2014 – Galway Roisin Dubh | TICKETS
Saturday 18th January 2014 – Dublin Button Factory | TICKETS
Sunday 19th January 2014 – Belfast Limelight 2 | TICKETS
Monday 20th January 2014 – Sheffield University Foundry | TICKETS

and continues like this in Russia:

31 January 2014 – St Petersburg A2 Mir | TICKETS
01 February 2014 – Moscow Glavclub | TICKETS
02 February 2014 – Yekaterinburg Teleclub | TICKETS

2. In March we’re hitting the UK to perform the first of several Fall of Math ten year anniversary live shows at London Koko on March 27th. There’s extra dates around that so we can visit some places we haven’t been for a while.

We’re very pleased to announce that the excellent Thought Forms are going to be opening up for us for the following shows:

20th January – Sheffield University, Sheffield | TICKETS
25th March – Phoneix, Exeter | TICKETS
26th March – The Brook, Southampton | TICKETS
28th March – Arts Centre, Norwich | TICKETS
29th March – The Arches, Glasgow | TICKETS

They sound like THIS, if you’re interested, which you should be.

Also, Nathan Fake is going to be the main (and only) support for The Fall of Math show at Koko, London, 27th March. This is the show where we’ll be playing The Fall of Math in its entirety to celebrate ten years of it existing, followed by a second set of songs from all our other records. There are literally only a handful of tickets left for this so don’t wait long if you want to come. Here is the TICKET LINK.

Nathan Fake is also excellent. He sounds like THIS.

3. In April we’ll be exporting the Fall of Math anniversary show to these awesome European cities. As at the London show, we’ll be playing all of the Fall of Math and then a second set of more recent 65 output. Doubtful that we’ll be doing this on its 20th anniversary so now is your chance.

15th April – Paris, La Maroquinerie | TICKETS
16th April – Berlin, C-Club | TICKETS
17th April – Brussels, Ancienne Belgique | TICKETS
18th April – Utrecht, Tivoli | TICKETS

4. Does that feel like a lot? Maybe. Probably though, it’s not enough, so we’ll try and pack more in and let you all know about it. Check 65daysofstatic.com or follow us on Twitter for what will hopefully become a growing list of festivals and other strange events we’ll be appearing at this summer and beyond. 2014 then: the beginning of another ten years or a brief last hurrah before the lights go out? You decide.

See you on the road.


See you on the road, 65daysofstatic xxx
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