65propaganda040711 – Silent Running Release – Update


Just a quick update regards this Silent Running release.

Basically, within four hours of us making the project live you all helped us hit our target. This means the project is definitely going ahead. We’re going to poke Dustpunk Records with a big stick to rouse it from its slumber, then use it to release our new, inspired-by-Silent Running music.

By the end of the first day, we had to double the number of vinyl we’d anticipated printing, and increase the number of hand-screen-printed tshirts five times over. After the first week, these are almost sold out too. Right now you can still order a vinyl/tshirt bundle, but the vinyl we allocated as the standalone offer has gone.

Because Dustpunk Records has been dormant a long time, and because we don’t want the logistics of making this release to overwhelm us, these are the quantities we are going to stick at, which means that very soon the physical products will have gone, and it will just be the digital downloads left to buy (and in answer to people’s questions – this will still be available to buy once the record has been made, not just during this Indiegogo campaign).

The only other change we’re going to make is regards the 65NOISEBOXES. Here is a picture of the now-decorated prototype: [image no longer available]Looking quite nice, right? Originally we said that there would be five available and they sold out in minutes. There are now going to be five more made available, but these will definitely be the last. They are being totally handmade by Simon from 65, so we just aren’t able to offer them in larger numbers.

Because there was no warning when this went live last week, we have had A LOT of requests for these boxes from people who weren’t on the internet or asleep when these boxes were up for grabs. We want to give everyone a fair chance with this new batch, so we are going to make them available on the Indiegogo page on Thursday 7th July at 1700hrs UK-TIME. How does that sound? Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to make sure you don’t miss it.

If you haven’t ordered yet because you were waiting for news about the noiseboxes, but you really want a vinyl, we would suggest placing a regular order before Thursday just in case. If you do this (or have done already) but manage to get a noisebox bundle on Thursday too, just get in touch with us and we will sort it out if you don’t want them both.

If you missed all this the first time round, there’s a video of a prototype noisebox in action HERE.

Ok. That’s it. Once again, thanks for all your interest.

Lots of love,