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We have very kindly been asked to perform our Silent Running re-score (complete with film screening) at the following brilliant events:

6th May – Sheffield Queens Road Social Club – Sensoria Festival
14th May – Manchester, Royal Northern College of Music – Future Everything Festival
16th June – Amsterdam, Oeverpark – North by Northwest Festival
10th September 2011 – Bestival, The Isle of Wight

In case you don’t know, Silent Running is a 1972 sci-fi about a man who lives in space on a spaceship, and is driven to take EXTREME MEASURES when his cosmic garden is threatened.

We took the liberty of spending the winter months writing ninety minutes of original 65music to play alongside the film, sans its original soundtrack, originally at the invitation of the brilliant Glasgow Film Festival. We’re very excited to be getting out of the house and dusting it off again, as it’s a lot of fun to play, and hopefully to listen to as well.

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Having successfully played 103 shows between March 2010 and March 2011, the next few months are a little quieter on the touring front. April also marked the ten year point of there being an entity known as 65daysofstatic, and once we’ve saved up to replace the bits that were broken during the previous decade, we’ll be embarking on the next one UNDETERRED.

In case you don’t know, 65daysofstatic are an unexpectedly long lasting experiment involving four men who live in relative seclusion in the north of england, and are driven to take EXTREME MEASURES when their cosmic noise garden is threatened, but they make some friends on the way, and a couple of them get to kiss a girl.

In conclusion, there is no other news worthy of your time. Well, there is.
But not from us.

Until that day…