65propaganda011110 – Silent Running 2011

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Here we go then:

In 2011, 65daysofstatic will be heading to Glasgow Film Festival to live-soundtrack the 1972 sci-fi, “Silent Running”, on the 19th and 20th February. Silent Running does a nice line in imagining a human future where Earth’s environment has been destroyed, and plants are cultivated in giant ‘forest domes’.

None if us are Mark Kermode or anything, but it’s basically a film with an environmental message, that takes a couple of potshots at plastic, consumer society, and then turns into a film about rebelling against authority and DOING WHAT’S RIGHT, MAN.

Nothing in 1972 could have prepared them for what is actually happening to the planet in 2010, and the place that those issues now have in our culture, and so what’s far more interesting about the film is its exploration of BEING LONELY IN SPACE AND TALKING TO ROBOTS.

We have come to the very real conclusion that, after being in 65daysofstatic for so long, this appeals to us on a level we can’t even begin to comprehend.

Plus Bruce Dern is the man.

We’ll be trying to pull something brain-meltingly good out of the hat, probably involving lots and lots of noise.

Tickets can be bought HERE. You can read an earlier, less rambling press release about this HERE.

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Thanks to everyone who took part in the Heavy Sky pre-order. We have yet to see physical copies of it, but from what we have seen on the internet it looks VERY NICE indeed. There will be a new, permanent, 65 online shop going live in the next week or two which should include our full back catalogue, some new shirts and other stuff. That’s all about that.

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We’re going on tour. For the last time this year. And the last time in the UK and Europe for a while.
Three weeks isn’t a lot of dates for us to be playing, so we’re hoping to be FULL OF ENERGY for all of it.
We’ve gone on a lot about the bands who are coming with us, but they really are great bands, so hopefully you’ll take the time to check them out if you haven’t already. And then come and see them. And us.

Those bands again: Nedry /// Kong /// Civil Civic /// Tall Ships


November 7th: Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands – with Civil Civic and Nedry
November 8th: Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 9th: Lido, Berlin, Germany – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 10th: Blue Note, Poznan, Poland
November 11th: Conne Island, Leipzig, Germany – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 12th: Schüür, Lucerne, Switzerland – with Civil Civic
November 13th: Kiff, Aarau, Switzerland – with Civil Civic
November 14th: Tunnel Club, Milan, Italy – with Civil Civic
November 16th: Nouveau Casino, Paris, France – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 17th: Les Trinitaires, Metz, France – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 18th: La Botanique, Brussels, Belgium – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 19th: Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands – with Nedry and Tall Ships
November 20th: Joiners (late show), Southampton, UK – with Kong
November 21st: Arts Centre, Norwich, UK – with Kong
November 22nd: O2 Academy, Oxford, UK – with Kong
November 23rd: O2 Academy, Leicester, UK – with Kong
November 24th: Palace, Aldershot, UK – with Kong
November 25th: Academy 2, Manchester, UK – with Kong
November 26th: CAMP, London, UK – with Kong

A few notes about these dates:

1. Germany’s going to be cold.

2. Looking forward to seeing Poland. Not been there for ages. Bet it’s colder than Germany.

3. Leipzig. After a show there once we pulled something enormous and terrifying out of Rob’s eye. But we remember everyone having a party.

4. Never been to, or played a show in Aarau or Lucerne. Sweet. Probably snowing in Switzerland by then.

5. Always, always wanted to play the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

6. We’ve been playing shows at the Joiners in Southampton since 1983 or something. All the other bands that played there back then went on to be Coldplay. Or Reef.

7. Never been to Aldershot. Our sources tell us it’s going to be a fucking riot though.

8. Manchester Academy 2. This’ll be the show of the tour won’t it? It’s Manchester. You’re never allowed to leave without being hammered.

9. Ultimately, this tour’s shaping up to be a good one, but there’s some fear over how cold central Europe gets in November.