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65bangsofstatic, vol. II

Hey everyone! Can you believe it’s been two years since we tried to make a definite list of 65’s best songs? The band have been creating plenty of music in the mean time, even if things have gone a bit quiet now. Still, you can’t beat an infinite livestream of incredible music, can you?

That doesn’t mean we can’t try! So once again, I am asking you to send in your top 10 65daysofstatic songs, with the goal being the NEW NEW DEFINITE LIST of 65 tracks.

How does this work? Be sure to read up on this page (which features every 65 song I could find, but be sure to let me know if I missed out on any!), but the gist of it is: you send me your top 10 65daysofstatic songs (the order is important!), I collect all of the data, and at the start of June, I’ll be releasing the results bit by bit on YouTube, with the final songs being released on the US version of 65-day, June 5th. So send me your lists! Share them with me at, tweet them with the hashtag #65bangsofstatic (and @ me just so I definitely find your list), or share them over on the 65-discord.

Looking for inspiration? Here’s some lists from two years ago by 65kids Alina, Paul, Derek, Mika, Ryd, and myself. Or what about 65 collaborators Medlo, caspar v, or Dave Sanderson?
Also, when you send out your top 10s, feel free to add the reasons why you’re adding each song. That way your picks can make it onto the website too.

Now remember, most of the music in 65’s discography is still available for purchase, be it through Bandcamp, the band’s Patreon, or other merchants. Be sure to pay for the band’s music whenever and however you can.

One big caveat: we’re only listing songs. So the Wreckage Systems, erm, systems, will not be available for your vote.

I hope you have fun doing another deepdive into 65’s entire catalogue. I know I will as I make up my new top 10. Let’s see if anyone can get near Radio Protector’s top spot this year, yeah?

Be kind to one another <3

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