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Happy constellation heart day!

Valentine’s day, schmalentine’s day. Today is a day of celebration for all, single, in a relationship or anything else. Because today, V2 of the Wreckage Systems stream is live for all of the internet to enjoy for free!

Wondering what it’s all about? Expect the original Wreckage Systems stream, but expand its scope to 65 different systems, created with love by 65LABS. You can check out the stream on 65’s YouTube page, or the audio-only version at

DEBRIS (2022)

For 65kids who support 65LABS on Patreon, there’s even more: today also sees the release of DEBRIS, or as 65 describe it:

DEBRIS is a new album-length release that gathers together all the miscellaneous excerpts, in-progress tracks and noise oddities that came out of Season One of Wreckage Systems over the last year and are scattered about our Patreon. They have been pulled together, re-mastered, and sculpted into something that feels somewhat close to an album.

devblog / friday 110222

65LABS technicians might be taking a break after the release of this album and the V2 stream, but there’s still plenty on offer to enjoy through Patreon, including:

  • access to the Wreckage Systems Technical Overview, both in video- and .pdf-format, which goes into detail on how the Wreckage Systems stream actually works
  • access to the Wreckage Systems V1 archive, the first piece of software by 65LABS, which allows you to create your own versions of the V1 stream, or lets you listen to individual systems at your leisure

And who knows what the future might hold for 65LABS? If that’s not enough to convince you, just know that this Patreon also allows 65LABS Band Division, otherwise known as 65daysofstatic, to continue to create the music that you love.

Here’s hoping you all enjoy the V2 stream and DEBRIS! Let me know what you think through the usual channels 🙂 65LABS Fanboy Division (is that a thing? It should be a thing.) signing out! Take care of each other out there x

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