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Changeover mix November 2021

Today, 65 released the changeover mix from last month’s UK tour. They have been kind enough to let me host it as well, so download it here or over on the changeovermixes & other remixes page.

Here’s what the band said about the mix:

Often, the only thing lacking with the kind of hyperpop that permeates all of pop culture, is that it needs more glitches in it. Therefore, for around five thousand years now, to sate our desire for a noisier kind of pop music, whenever we go out on tour we try to make changeover mixes of whatever we’re listening to, sometimes remixing it, chopping it up as we see fit, and generally clumsily sticking breakbeats all over the place.
So here is ChangeoverMixNovember2021. Another treat from the live shows we played a few weeks ago. We made this mix to play between AK/DK leaving the stage and us coming on. Like last week – no Bandcamp codes for this one. It would be utterly heart breaking to get sued by Lil Nas X.
Changeover mixes tend to be front-loaded with remixes and more bespoke audio, cos ideally they only play for 30-40 minutes before we take the stage and smash clumsy noise all over the place. They are made deliberately long in case of unforeseen technical difficulties, tending toward sadness and despair, because if a mix ever gets to play for that long at a show, chances are the show will no longer be happening at all…

65daysofstatic’s new patron-only release: “ChangeoverMix-November2021”


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