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65daysofstatic live at Gorilla, Manchester

65 have shared mp3’s of a selection of songs from their recent Manchester gig through Patreon. They’ve kindly given permission to host the release on here too, and you can find it here or on the live bootlegs page.

Here’s what they said themselves about it:

Here you go. A few slices of noise from our recent live show in Manchester, captured from the mixing desk by Stu Condron at Manchester Gorilla, 12th November 2021. Pandemic Touring! A whole new anxiety to add to the 65 Dread Catalogue.
Luckily we made it work, and we stumbled through our sonics in a confused attempt to make people dance to weird time signatures and, for a little while, things felt almost normal.
We didn’t have the time or resources to sort out properly recording any of these shows, but since we heard from a lot of people on here that they had been planning to come to these shows but couldn’t make it happen for one reason or another, we thought we could at least share these recordings.
PLEASE NOTE – NO BANDCAMP CODES FOR THIS ONE. Since it involves songs from our back catalogue, it is too complicated to try making this an ’official’ release. So please consider this an auto-bootleg, something you found on an abandoned IDM bulletin board back in the early 2000s, or perhaps painstakingly downloaded from Napster over a period of weeks. Bet you’ll be able to find it hosted on in the current weeks and days too if for some reason you lose track of this post.
1. Install a Beak in the Heart that Clucks Time in Arabic
2. Asimov
3. Sleepwalk City
4. Supermoon
5. Debutante
6. I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood (encore)

65daysofstatic’s new patron-only release: “Live at Gorilla, Manchester, 121121 Auto-Bootleg”

The songs were recorded live from the board and tidied up by the band’s sound engineer Stu Condron. Enjoy!

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