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65 live, 2022

It’s fair to say we’re all looking forward to seeing 65daysofstatic live again. For most of us, it’s been a long time since we got to witness their live prowess, for others it’s even something completely new. Personally, I haven’t seen the band live since the Decomposition Theory show in Amsterdam in 2018.

So far, 65 have yet to tour their latest album, replicr, 2019, but there has been so much more music coming from the band. 2019 and 2020 saw the release of 12 EP’s under the A Year of Wreckage banner, while 2021 has brought us the Wreckage Systems project, giving us regular updates of new music as well. Combine that with the rest of 65’s catalogue, and that’s a whole lot of music to choose from for a new 65 live show.

65 were supposed to play live back in 2020, and released the setlist they were going to play back then, but they did promise that some of the older songs would be adapted into new versions, which sounds like a tantalizing prospect. Will they hold on to that released setlist, or will the UK and Russia shows bring something new into the mix?

This got me wondering: what would I like to hear from 65 when I finally get to see them again? As I’m probably going to miss out on the London show sadly, I instead dreamed up a fantasy setlist for when I do eventually see them once more. The only rule I made up, was that the setlist had to be about 90 minutes long, as to not overdo it. I’d bloody love a 3-hour long 65 show, but that might just not be realistic, haha.

So, this is what I came up with. I couldn’t make a playlist you can listen to due to certain songs being on different platforms, but perhaps you can arrange your mp3’s and have a listen yourself.

  1. Heat Death Infinity Splitter
  2. Prisms
  3. sister
  4. Gorecki
  5. Retreat! Retreat!
  6. Crash Tactics
  7. Supermoon
  8. Taipei
  9. Dawn of the Red
  10. KMF
  11. z03
  12. Fix the Sky a Little
  13. I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood
  14. Radio Protector
  15. Unmake the Wild Light
  16. Safe Passage

  17. So Long, Linearity!
  18. Tiger Girl

What do you think about this setlist? Does it feature your favourite songs? Does it flow the way I intended it to? Are you missing certain songs from certain albums? What would your setlist look like? Send me your thoughts on twitter @65republic or mail them to ! And let’s hope we can all meet up at 65 shows soon once again!


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  1. Mine would probably go something like Debutante, KMF, Debutante, KMF, Debutante, KMF… and then after a few days of that it’d break into all the noisy wreckagy things for another several days, and then take a tour through every other thing 65 have ever done, repeatedly, ending up with Retreat! Retreat! for about a week, sufficiently loud as to be heard from the moon.

    I mean, we *are* talking fantasy set lists, right?

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