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Penny for your thoughts *edited*

I started the 65 republic as a way to celebrate the incredible 65daysofstatic. However, a big part of what makes 65, well, 65, is you: the 65kids. That’s why I want to hear from you!

What are your thoughts on 65’s music? Is there an era in the band’s history that’s special to you? Why does a certain song make you feel a certain way? Do you have a favourite time signature? What’s your favourite memory of seeing the band live? How has the band changed your life? Have 65 inspired you to start creating your own music?

I want to dedicate this website to the 65kids as much as to the band, so please, get in touch with me by e-mailing or dm’ing me on Twitter or Instagram.
If you’re worried about your writing skills or if English isn’t your first language (it’s not mine either, so no need to worry there!), I’m willing to edit your texts before publishing them. I just want to hear from you, and what 65 means to you, in any way, shape or form.

The 65 Discord has already shown that there are a lot of thoughts on the band’s music, with an incredible variety of opinions, and I would love to share them here. Thanks in advance 🙂

EDIT: forgot to mention. 65kids who make music or have any other creative endeavours: hit me up with those links!


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  1. This band is unstoppable. First heard of 65days when they were opening for the Cure. Looked them up on youtube. First song I tabbed on was ´drove through ghosts´. Instantly sold for life. What immense force and build up. At the concert it was the first song they played as well. The song was playing as the guys got an stage to kick in with the breakdown. I went mental despite being the only one there who lived this raw energy which was quite different then for instance ´plainsong´ . Been in love ever since. I love the complexity, the shifts between melodic and tender to boneshattering bruteness. No other band plays these cards in this way. I love the dialogue between emotion and cold glitches. You can headbang, you can dance on technobeats, you can sway away and close your eyes and shift to senseous shores or distopean futures and the inside of your heart and brain. Fuck they´re amazing and I need to see them live again which adds that extra dimension. Together with the National which does the same for me but in different ways it´s my favorite band. The beauty is my wife and kids love them equally. We´re thinking about each getting a tattoo of the band logo. I already have them on my body. I got a tattoo of a wave and a hand in it. On the bottom I have written ´break My armS around The ones i love´ from the National song ´daughters of the soho riots´ with capital letters for the members of my tribe. On top I have ´we were exploding anyway´ as I am a nihilist but in the positive ´Camus´ style way meaning although life is ultimately senseless the only thing we can do is to defy that knowledge and rebel and make the most out of it. The tattoo is a single line tattoo and depicts the unidirectional force of time that guides you through your own story in gentle slopes and hard angles. We just got to roll with the punches at times. Amor fati. Be and embrace your destiny. It´s nearly impossible to pick a favorite 65 tune but if I had to have one song on my phone for the remainder of my (senseless) path it would be ´Taipai´. There´s such a beautiful dialogue in this song between being different, a little weird but as so you go through there is so much beauty that it tears me up. It gives hope but it is focused. Feet firmly on the ground but my head in the sky. My full love goes out to these guys. I don´t believe there is a single bad person that enjoys this band, it´s just impossible to be able to accept the beauty this band offers and being a nasty cunt. Thank you for this initiative man. We´ve been in contact before and you´re one of the good ones out there. Never forget that. Love you.

  2. 65 have been my gateway drug into noise. I first heard them in, I think, around 2010 – my first definite memory is of a YouTube video that used ‘Radio Protector’ as background for a gameplay video. From there I explored the more melodic things first, though it took me a while to get into some of the less straightforward time signatures.

    And then…. the No Man’s Sky trailer came along. I’d always adored ‘Debutante’, and seeing it used over that trailer – even with the jump cut in the middle – just blew me away. I waited more or less impatiently for the release of NMS over the following couple of years, and every time I watched that trailer it was always the music that did it. Still is. In fact, I was playing NMS again the other day with a new save and hit an achievement that triggered a fragment of 65 music and it just… *shivers*.

    The thing I really love about 65 (well, apart from their uncompromising anti-Toryism, which always warms my heart) is how they’re constantly changing, but always with integrity. They don’t reinvent themselves or their music to follow a trend or be more popular. They just *are*. And I feel like the pandemic has been the final element that liberated them to just randomly emit pieces of music and/or noise at whatever interval suits their process. They really get how the music industry has changed from the days where artists produced albums and singles and everything centred on that.

    The whole Wreckage Systems thing – the stream, the fragments, the Patreon devblog, the releases – is so typically 65, and yet, as is typical of 65, nothing about it is typical. The music appears to crystallise out of the ether, produced by a number of “systems”, but it’s obvious when you read their exquisitely written articles that there’s a *lot* of work going on in the background. And I think that, more than anything, represents 65 for me. Unpredictability based on a huge amount of intelligent thought. Long may it continue.

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