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65LABS – Wreckage Systems

65daysofstatic are back with a new, completely unique project. I’m guessing anyone who visits this website already knows the news already, but just to be sure, here’s the band explaining it:

For the last year, locked inside, we have been gathering a storm of music.

Most of this music sounds like a soundtrack to a film that hasn’t been made yet. Or like soundscapes to unmapped places. Or like beats and unruly feedback in a land where there’s no more nightclubs or live venues to amplify it in. Loop drifts loops and noise seeds, waiting for the wind to catch & carry them out into the world.

When we last built up a cloud of semi-formed audio like this, we started pulling chunks out of it and sculpting them into digital releases under the banner of A Year of Wreckage.

This time we wanted to try something different.

Wreckage Systems is an endless stream of music. It’s getting switched on for everybody next week. You’ll be able to tap into it whenever you want to and hear something different. For free.

The Wreckage Systems are 65-designed algorithms that pull from this human-made storm of audio and turn it into a broadcast. Each system has different intentions, behaviours & levels of grumpiness.

Wreckage Systems is a bit like when we made an infinite soundtrack for No Man’s Sky. Except instead of soundtracking infinite space, it is an endless soundtrack for the here & now, happening live. A score to wreckage unfolding in realtime.

from 65propaganda: WRECKAGE SYSTEMS. The new project from 65daysofstatic

As is mentioned, the Wreckage Systems stream is completely free. But for those of us who want to (and are able to) support the band, there’s a new option. No Bandcamp this time: visit and support the band through Patreon in this huge new endeavour. There are different tiers, but supporters in every tier receive the same extra’s: monthly(-ish) music releases based on the music from the Wreckage Systems, access to the research notes/development blog and Discord benefits. You just pay what you want and can, instead of paying more for exclusives.

Any more questions about the whole project? The band have set up this FAQ to answer most of them. If you have any more, head on over to the 65dos Discord and aks the band there!




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