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Busy times for all of us 65kids! If you hurry, you can still get the new Utopian Frequencies / Disquiet vinyl + t-shirt bundle (with a gorgeous art print added for free) on Bandcamp (pre-order ends tomorrow night, November 13th), or just one of the A Year of Wreckage t-shirts if you rather fancy one of those.
The band have kept some of the vinyls to sell seperately starting Saturday morning, November 14.

These records and the shirts are the perfect way to support the band during these hard “none of that touring business” times. Be sure to pick these up, as we await the next step in the big 65daysofstatic master plan.

In the meantime, 65kids have been busy doing things as well! Discord members benofbrown and WesGibsonL5 have used the MIDI files for trackerplatz (which were hidden in the video for the song, and can be found here if you didn’t spot the link) to create their own cover version.
Here’s benofbrown’s explanation of things:

Most of the synth parts are using the midi files the band put out which made that part pretty easy to do. I did a version just with them last year, which got re-upped recently. I recorded them again with different modules/settings the other day, and while comparing them to the ones I did last year decided to use both of them. WesGibsonL5 did all the bass and guitars, which takes a lot more skill than that ;). I then listened to the original and figured out the wailing bits which weren’t in those midi files, and some additional pulses and noise at the end of the track, before finally mixing it all together on Ardour (which I was also using for the midi stuff).
Oh yeah, Wes reminded me that when the song came out there was talk of a 16bit sine wave from the Akai S2000, which I’m assuming was the wailing sounds, so I recorded the sound of my filter bank feeding back on itself on to the squid salmpler module, which is also 16bit to use for those sounds.


You can find that cover version on the bootlegs page of this very website.

Discord user Addyjoe played around with the MIDI files as well, creating another great cover version (although headphone users beware, it gets LOUD). That cover can be found on their Soundcloud page.

Finally, 65kid Arabella Lutz has translated all of the German and Spanish interviews in our interview archive. So if you fancy reading some more of what (mostly) Paul and Joe have had to say in the past, head on over there!
I’ve also updated the album pages under //Media, so that you won’t just find album streams there, but a lot of info on the making of each album as well (with interesting links added in for fun!).

Don’t forget, we’ll be celebrating Silent Running‘s birthday on Saturday (November 14) evening in the 65republic Discord. Join us there!

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