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#sixtyfiveseptember: listening parties!

The month of September is pretty special for us 65kids, as it seems to be a prime time for 65 releases! No less than three 65daysofstatic albums have been released right at the end of summer, with The Fall of Math, Wild Light and replicr, 2019 all celebrating anniversaries in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the band’s debut album, its best album so far (my opinion, but A LOT of people seem to agree) and their most recent masterpiece, we’re going to throw some parties! Listening parties, that is. On the days of each anniversary, join us on the 65 republic discord at 8pm UTC+2 for those sweet, sweet 65 tunes.

What do you need to join?

  • A Discord-account, and the desktop app installed (I have not tried the smartphone app, but the browser version doesn’t seem to work from tests I’ve done with friends)
  • A Spotify-account, preferably a premium account (so you don’t get behind because of ads)

That’s it! Join our Discord servers through this link.

On the night of the listening party, a link to listen along will appear in the listening party channel. Just click that and you’ll join the fun! If you’re early, there will be some pre-stream music as well.

Let’s celebrate 65 in the best way we can: by listening to their amazing music. And, you know, buy some stuff if you haven’t already. Hopefully, concerts will become a thing again somewhere in the future, and we’ll be able to celebrate together with the band. For now, let’s enjoy these classic albums together 🙂

Take care everyone!


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