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#65bangsofstatic – The full list

Since some people have been asking for it, here’s the full #65bangsofstatic list, so you can make it into a playlist with your mp3’s, if you own them. I’ve added streams to make it as much of a playlist as possible, despite the different streaming services needed to add every song. You can find that underneath the written list. Take care everyone <3

66. The Major Cities of the World are Being Destroyed One by One by the Monsters – skin of the horse’s teeth version (Don’t Go Down to Sorrow)
65. Monolith (NMS)
64. Outlier/EOTWS_Variation1 (NMS Soundscapes)
63. FS_PianoVariant (Fugue State EP)
62. A Failsafe (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
61. Rounds (Endings EP)
60. Overture (Silent Running)
59. Safe Distancing (Silent Running)
58. Red Parallax (NMS)
57. Dance Parties [Distant]
56. Massive Star at the End of its Burning Cycle (U/U Vol. 2 / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1) –> can’t be bought anymore, but U/U Vol. 2 can be downloaded from the Bootlegs page)
55. Weak4 (Weak4 / We Were Exploding Anyway)
54. Sawtooth Rising (Heavy Sky EP)
53. lies (Miniatures EP)
52. Piano Fights (We Were Exploding Anyway)
51. Broken Ship Ruse (Silent Running)
50. White Peak / Dark Peak (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
49. Borealis/Contrastellar (NMS soundscapes)
48. stillstellung (replicr, 2019)
47. Hole (The Fall of Math / Hole EP)
46. Gorecki (Endings EP)
45. 23kid (One Time for All Time)
44. This Cat is a Landmine (The Fall of Math)
43. The Major Cities of the World are Being Destroyed One by One by the Monsters – original version (Retreat! Retreat!)
42. Burial Scene (Silent Running)
41. End of the World Sun (NMS)
40. Go Complex (We Were Exploding Anyway)
39. When We Were Younger and Better (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
38. trackerplatz (replicr, 2019)
37. I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood (The Fall of Math)
36. The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
35. The Conspiracy of Seeds (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
34. Finale (Silent Running)
33. Supermoon (Supermoon / NMS)
32. bad age (replicr, 2019)
31. Little Victories (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
30. Memorydress (Weak4/Come to Me)
29. 65 Doesn’t Understand You (One Time for All Time)
28. Mountainhead (We Were Exploding Anyway)
27. interference_1 (replicr, 2019)
26. five waves (replicr, 2019)
25. Crash Tactics (We Were Exploding Anyway)
24. The Undertow (Wild Light)
23. Heat Death Infinity Splitter (Wild Light)
22. Come to Me (We Were Exploding Anyway)
21. PX3 (Heavy Sky EP)
20. Music is Music as Devices are Kisses is Everything (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
19. Install a Beak in the Heart That Clucks Time in Arabic (The Fall of Math)
18. Asimov (NMS)
17. Safe Passage (Wild Light)
16. Fix the Sky a Little (The Fall of Math)
15. Don’t Go Down to Sorrow (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
14. AOD (Retreat! Retreat!)
13. Sleepwalk City (Wild Light)
12. Aren’t We All Running? (The Fall of Math)
11. Taipei (Wild Light)
10. Debutante (We Were Exploding Anyway)
9. Await Rescue (One Time for All Time)
8. KMF (Kazimir EP)
7. Blackspots (Wild Light)
6. Unmake the Wild Light (Wild Light)
5. Tiger Girl (We Were Exploding Anyway)
4. Prisms (Wild Light / Prisms)
3. Retreat! Retreat! (The Fall of Math / Retreat! Retreat!)
2. Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here (One Time for All Time)
1. Radio Protector (One Time for All Time)

Massive Star at the End of its Burning Cycle


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