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#65bangsofstatic – 2 > 1

Holy shit, we made it. It’s the end of #65bangsofstatic. I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me. Reading your stories and opinions on 65 has been heartwarming, to say the least. It’s been amazing to find out how ALL of 65’s music is appreciated so much (as it should). Your enthusiasm has made this project into more than I had hope it would be, and I want to thank you for that. I’ll miss the stories and conversations. But anyway, enough of my sadness. Let’s get on to the top 2!

As has become clear now, the battle for the top is between two One Time for All Time bangers. In one corner, we find the album’s incredible opener, Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here, in the other, that all-time 65 classic Radio Protector.
The song in second place appeared on 23 different lists, compared to 27 lists for the number one. Both got three number 1 spots in your lists. The song in second place nearly managed to get 1000 points, ending on 940, while the number one got an amazing 1155 points, which is more than double the number of points that all songs outside the top 6 managed to get. Is this an even bigger upset than finding Retreat! Retreat! “only” at number 3, or is Radio Protector just too big for any song to catch?

Ok, I’ve teased you enough…

2: 940 pts
Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here (One Time for All Time)

Eight top 3 places on top of the three number ones, and it still wasn’t enough for Drove Through Ghosts to make it. To be fair, it took very, VERY long for Radio Protector to pull away. I think it took until the final three lists until a gap started to form. Still, there’s no shame here for yet another brilliant 65 song. Fun fact: it’s the very first 65 song I ever heard, as I discovered the band in 2006 when they toured One Time for All Time. Aside from being an incredible album opener, it was such an epic start to a live show. The band only coming on stage as the pace starts to go up and up, and then everyone falling in at the exact same moment, it still gives me goosebumps all of these years later. Another fun fact: my oldest niece once performed in a dance piece that used Drove Through Ghosts, with a single piano taking over instead of the band all exploding the song into life. It was really, really cool. Anyway, an incredible runner-up, but there can only be one winner…

1: 1155 pts
Radio Protector (One Time for All Time)

Was it going to be any other song? Did any of you really think that at any moment during this project? Then again, it appeared on 27 lists, meaning it DIDN’T appear on 22, which I think is interesting. Would the song still top this list in another 10 years? On one hand, I had hoped that it might not reach number one. I mean, it’s just too predictable. At every single 65 gig, someone is going to shout for the band to play it two songs in, while we all know that it will be coming at some point. Hell, even at the Decomposition Theory show in Amsterdam someone was shouting for it. On the other hand though… I get it. I get while this song still means so much. Its accessibility is one of its biggest strengths, as a lot of 65’s later music might be too “difficult” for new listeners. Plus, there’s this thing about this song. I don’t know if others feel the same way, but to me, it feels very… adaptable. I mean, when I’m sad and I listen to Radio Protector, sometimes it’ll share my sadness, or it’ll offer a shoulder to cry on, or it’ll give me hope when I can’t find it myself. When I’m angry, the song can make me feel like my anger is understood, while trying to soothe me at the same time. When I’m happy, the song can be just euphoric. When I’m lonely, it offers me a warm blanket, making me feel that little less alone. When I’m feeling hurt, the song let’s me know that that’s ok, it has been there too, and it’s part of life, and the only thing we can do is decide how to use that hurt going forward.
It just feels very… universal. Its piano like starlight in the sky, guiding us home when we can’t see the light. Its guitars stoking the fire when our flames are fading out. Its drums forming the beat for our hearts to keep up with, so it’ll keep beating when that same act hurts too much. It wasn’t going to be any other song, but it doesn’t need to be.

Thank you all for playing/reading/caring about 65/being here.

To give you at least a little more to read, here are some “fun” 65bangsofstatistics from the list:

The final list consisted of 53 album tracks, with 13 tracks coming from EP’s, singles and U/U’s.

Wild Light is the only album to have all its songs in the top 65. The other albums to have 8 tracks in the list are The Destruction of Small Ideas and We Were Exploding Anyway. In second place are The Fall of Math and No Man’s Sky with 7, followed by One Time for All Time, Silent Running and replicr, 2019 on 5. Escape From New York is the only album not to get a song in the final top 65.

If we add up all of the scores for the different songs, Wild Light is the most popular album with 3910 points. One Time for All Time, despite only having five songs in the list, follows in second place with 3115 points. The Fall of Math is in third with 2690 points, with We Were Exploding Anyway (2555) and The Destruction of Small Ideas (1955) completing the top 5. No Man’s Sky takes sixth place with 1500 points, with replicr, 2019 in seventh on 1260 points. Silent Running is in eigth with 745, while Caspar Newbolt’s vote for Primer means Escape From New York ends up with 65 points.

Three songs got five number one spots: Tiger Girl, Blackspots and Debutante. Taipei is a close second with four, while Radio Protector, Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here and Aren’t We All Running? all have three top spots. Retreat! Retreat!, Prisms, Unmake the Wild Light, KMF, Await Rescue, Don’t Go Down to Sorrow and The Undertow all have two first places. And all these songs got one top spot: AOD, Asimov, Music is Music as Devices are Kisses is Everything, 65 Doesn’t Understand You, Little Victories, The Conspiracy of Seeds, When We Were Younger and Better, Go Complex, End of the World Sun, This Cat is a Landmine, Gorecki, Hole, Borealis/Contrastellar, Rounds, The Last Home Recording, Primer (live) and Inside.

When we look at the albums with the biggest number of number one spots, Wild Light leads the way again with 15. We Were Exploding Anyway grabs second place with 11, and One Time for All Time completes the podium with 9. In fourth place we find The Fall of Math with 8, while The Destruction of Small Ideas is tied with all of the EP’s, singles and U/U’s on 6. No Man’s Sky got three number ones, and Escape From New York got one. Silent Running and replicr, 2019 didn’t get any number ones.

The top 10 songs with the highest number of votes differs slightly from the final list’s top 10, although the top 3 remains the same:
10. Await Rescue (11 votes)
9. Blackspots (11 votes)
8. Sleepwalk City (12 votes)
7. KMF (12 votes)
6. Tiger Girl (16 votes)
5. Unmake the Wild Light (18 votes)
4. Prisms (20 votes)
3. Retreat! Retreat! (22 votes)
2. Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here (23 votes)
1. Radio Protector (27 votes)

That’s it. #65bangsofstatic is over. Thank you to everyone who sent in their lists, to the 65 collaborators for helping create some content for the project, to everyone who’s taken the time to comment or just even read, and obviously, to 65: for creating the most amazing music on this wreck of a planet. I hope this project might help them realize how important they are to so many people. Take care everyone. Love each other. Be careful out there. We’ll get through this, together. <3


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