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#65bangsofstatic – 5 > 3

The top 5 is here. The 65 Discord seems to have figured out which five songs remain, and it’s been a lot of fun seeing people speculate on the order in which they made it. Today, we look at numbers 5 to 3, with the top 2 (and some extra 65bangsofstatistics) arriving tomorrow! Let’s goooooo.

5: 755 pts
Tiger Girl (We Were Exploding Anyway)

We kick off the top 5 with the final WWEA track on the list. Tiger Girl is also the third and final track to get 5 first places in your lists, being featured in no less than 16 of the 59 lists I received. Some people seemed surprised by the popularity of this track, but I have a theory about that. I mean, the song is epic as is, with that looooong, intense build-up just going and going and going… It happens pretty often that the build-up nearly gets too much for me, before the pay-off through Joe’s guitar FINALLY arrives. It’s a song that you really need to hear at the correct volume, i.e. LOUD AS FUCK. But as to my theory… I think people’s love for this track might depend on whether someone has heard the song live or not. If you haven’t, you’ll probably like this song, but if you’ve witnessed it live… well, then you know what this song is capable of. It’s just a completely different beast, especially when it closes the set (at the very first Arctangent Festival, 65 opened their set with it, and although it was epic, it just felt… wrong? This is a track to dance to until you’ve got nothing left, not something to kick things off with). It seems to come alive, dragging people into its arms to celebrate whatever it is you want to celebrate, while still acknowledging that a lot of things in life are… not good. But it tramples you with its positivity, making it impossible to linger on what could’ve been and instead celebrate what IS. Yeah, I love this song, haha.

4: 810 pts
Prisms (Wild Light / Prisms)

I have to be honest, this came as quite a surprise to me. I mean, obviously I love the song, and it’s part of my favourite 65 album. But I really didn’t expect this to be people’s favourite track off that album. For a long time, it kept the pace with the top 2, and it even looked like it might create an upset. In the end it tailed off a little, but it’s still a very clear choice for your number four, appearing on 20 different lists and grabbing two top spots and five more top three spots. Now, again, despite my surprise, Prisms remains an incredible song. It was the first single to release off Wild Light, and it seemed like the perfect track to guide us from WWEA-era 65 to this new 65. It features these echoes of the epicness that was Tiger Girl, while also turning inwards, preparing for the introspection that the rest of the album would provide in spades.

3: 815 pts
Retreat! Retreat! (The Fall of Math / Retreat! Retreat!)

I think this might be the one no one saw coming. Most people who were trying to predict the top 5 saw Retreat at least make second place. And it makes sense, for almost 15 years, Retreat and one of the top two songs have been 65’s most recognizable songs. They’re the two songs you expect on every single setlist, although 65 have left Retreat off on a number of occasions before. Anyway, Retreat remains one of the biggest songs in the band’s career, showcasing the energy (and humour) that really typified 65’s early years. It still made 22 of your lists, getting top spot twice with four more top 3 spaces as well. So, before we move on to the top 2, repeat it with me one more time, kids: WE WILL NOT RETREAT! THIS BAND IS UNSTOPPABLE!

See you tomorrow for the epic finale (which most of you will probably predict correctly now)! Take care everyone <3


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