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#65bangsofstatic – 10 > 6

As we enter the #65bangsofstatic top 10, there’ll definitely be heartbreak among some of you. These are some of 65’s most popular beats, which just missed out on the top 5…

10: 460 pts
Debutante (We Were Exploding Anyway)

One of the stand-out songs from We Were Exploding Anyway, and the track that led 65 onto their adventures inside an infinite universe. Nine of you put Debutante in your top 10’s, and with five (!) top spots, it’s one of three tracks to get the most first places in your lists. It’s one of those tracks that bridges the pre-WWEA days with those that came after, as it’s an epic soundscape that feels very Exploding, and yet… doesn’t. You couldn’t fit it onto any other album, yet on WWEA, it stands out as the only truly cinematic song on the album. And yet it fits perfectly in the flow of that record. Brilliant song.

9: 465 pts
Await Rescue (One Time for All Time)

Talk about bangers. We all know that Rob is one of the best drummers out there, but his work on this track is just outstanding. It might just be the epitome of the pre-WWEA 65: incredibly high energy, with raging guitars and frenetic electronics. We might do this list again in 20 years time, and I believe this track would still make it into the top 10. 11 of you agreed, with two of you giving the song your spot as favourite 65 song.

8: 475 pts
KMF (Kazimir EP)

Here it is, the highest non-album track to make this list. At barely a year old, KMF has left an incredible impact on 65kids already. Despite how good all of the Year of Wreckage EP’s have been received, KMF remains the stand-out track of the entire project to many. It’s easy to see why: it holds a lot of the ingredients of the pre-replicr 65, while gently guiding us into the sound that the Year of Wreckage and replicr would usher in. It’s a haunting and moving listen, as most of 65’s work has been, and it firmly deserves to be ranked among 65’s most popular songs. It featured on 12 of your lists, grabbing top spot in two.

7: 520 pts
Blackspots (Wild Light)

I have to be honest, this one was a grower. When Wild Light first came out, Blackspots was the odd one out for me. I thought (and still think) that this album is perfection, but Blackspots was the only song that didn’t grab me from the first moment I heard it. Over time, it has overtaken some early favourites to be among one of my favourite Wild Light tracks. Many of you agree, with Blackspots making 11 lists, and sharing the record of five top spots with Debutante and one other song that’s yet to come…

6: 735 pts
Unmake the Wild Light (Wild Light)

The second Wild Light track in the top 10 (but not the last), Unmake the Wild Light is one of the album’s crowning achievements. There’s just so much to love: the build-up, the breaks, the second build-up that takes us on a journey into oblivion… This could’ve been a perfect album closer, if the album didn’t have another epic song to come. It appears on 18 of your lists, grabbing two top spots to help it to the edge of the top 5. It’s also the first song on this list to get at least half of the number 1’s total score. Yes, it took this long.

Five songs to go, all of them from very different times in the band’s career. Tomorrow, we look at numbers 5 to 3, with the final two being unveiled on Friday. Hope to see you there!


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