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#65bangsofstatic – 15 > 11

We’re getting close to the #65bangsofstatic top 10 now… These are the tracks that just missed out. And there’s some big ones right here.

15: 395 pts
Don’t Go Down to Sorrow (The Destruction of Small Ideas)

We open the list with the final TDOSI track to appear in the top 65. Don’t Go Down to Sorrow was the album’s first single, and remains its most popular song to this day. I’m still sad I didn’t get to witness this one live, despite going to multiple 65 gigs during this era. I love the mid-song tempo switch (which was so aptly visualized in Dave Medlo’s wonderful video: be sure to read more about how sick Simon was on the day of the shoot), and just the general feeling of it all. Despite the highs and the lows of The Destruction of Small Ideas, there was never any doubt that this track was among the best 65 had written until that point in time. It probably marks the last time 65 created anything that sounded like post-rock was “supposed to” sound, but they managed to escape all of the clichés and instead created a track that’s still as timeless now as it was back when it released.
It only made it onto eight of your lists, but grabbed top spot in two of those, with two second places and one third place added to that, giving it a deserved place just outside of the top 10.

14 – 13: 405 pts
AOD (Retreat! Retreat!)

Sleepwalk City (Wild Light)

Now, I have to admit my mistake here. Apparently, some of you voted for the Stumble.Stop.Repeat version of AOD. I only discovered this after posting the list with tracks that received no votes at all, so it was too late to adjust the final rankings. So I’m setting that straight here. I hope that the song’s high ranking in the list makes up for my error. Obviously, it deserves a high place in any 65 ranking. As one of the band’s oldest songs, it still hasn’t lost anything of what made it so good in the first place. It still featured regularly on setlists in the band’s later years, often as a very welcome encore. Appearing on ten different lists, it even grabbed top spot for one of you.
It’s joined on 405 points by Sleepwalk City, the incredible Wild Light track that inspired an entire A/V installation. Sleepwalk City also plays a pivotal role in this top 65: it’s the final track to not have taken anyone’s top spot, instead getting this high up the list by appearing on twelve different lists.
This is also the last time multiple tracks are tied on the same score.

12: 445 pts
Aren’t We All Running? (The Fall of Math)

Fun fact: in 2006, 65 played this as an encore to their set at the Pukkelpop festival here in Belgium. I missed this encore because I wanted to get a good spot to watch… Lostprophets on the main stage. Yeah, that story gets worse with time. I was really, REALLY happy I finally got to hear it during the The Fall of Math 10th anniversary shows. Despite 65 not really liking to look back to the past, this song had lost none of its tremendous power (the band also did this gorgeous piano transition from Fix the Sky a Little into this which was just… yum).
Aren’t We All Running? was the trendsetter for epic final tracks, and despite many other album closers following that trend, only two have been able to overtake it (well, on this list, anyway). It appears on nine of your lists, but managed to grab three top spots (which is the same amount as the number one in this top 65), with a second and a third place thrown in for good measure. It really has stood the test of time to become another of 65’s classics.

11: 450 pts
Taipei (Wild Light)

The final track to miss out on the top 10 is another Wild Light classic. Taipei has the second highest number of top spots in your lists, with four out of ten votes being number ones. And deservedly so: I’ve often stated that I think the second half of Wild Light might perhaps be my favourite half of any album, ever (although your votes make it clear that I should be giving more attention to the first half, I guess).
I was fortunate enough to hear this track for the first time at Dunk! Festival in 2012, a full year before the record came out. At the time, the song stood out from the very WWEA-heavy setlist. That fractured beginning was an odd change of pace, but then that build-up kicks in and… god. And then we still haven’t mentioned the pay-off in the end. What a song. Fun fact: when 65 played this during the Manchester Cathedral gig, the bridge right before the final part of the song cause me to have a bit of a breakdown, being flooded with memories from the (pretty shitty) time that had come before during that year. Huh, maybe that wasn’t such a “fun” fact after all. Still, when a song can evoke an emotion that strong, you know you’re onto something good.

That’s it for today! Join us tomorrow for the next 5 songs on the list!


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