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#65bangsofstatic – 25 > 16

On to the fifth day of the #65bangsofstatic countdown, and we’re entering the top 20 now… Get ready for some of the big guns.

25: 280 pts
Crash Tactics (We Were Exploding Anyway)

Who doesn’t love that call-and-response thing in Crash Tactics? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Crash Tactics or TD as it used to be known, has become a firm favourite at the band’s live shows. It didn’t take anyone’s top spot, but it does appear in nine different lists, with two of you putting it in your top 3. Now, sing it with me kids: duh duh HEY, duh duh HEY, duh duh HEY, duh duh HEY!

24: 295 pts
The Undertow (Wild Light)

Quite surprisingly, The Undertow is the lowest scoring song from Wild Light. Which, as you probably guessed, means that Wild Light is the only album to have all of its songs feature in the top 65. I’m amazed that The Undertow would be the album’s lowest scoring track though, and I’m not the only one (just read Alina’s touching tribute to her number one pick). Described by Paul as the saddest song that 65 had written up until that point in time, The Undertow has always felt like a pivotal moment in Wild Light to me. After the confusion of the album’s start, coming off the back of We Were Exploding Anyway, this felt like the tipping point when we accepted that this was the new 65daysofstatic. Clearly some of you agreed, with the song featuring in eight lists and grabbing two top spots, but still. Colour me surprised.

23: 320 pts
Heat Death Infinity Splitter (Wild Light)

We immediately move on to another Wild Light track, with its opener just about edging out The Undertow. Heat Death might be one of my favourite opening tracks by 65, with the “No one knows what is happening” line perfectly setting the tone for what’s to come. This song feels incredibly heavy to me, like a sledgehammer bashing down on an immovable object, refusing to give up. It didn’t take anyone’s top spot, but it featured on ten different lists, landing it a spot just outside the top 20.

22 – 21: 325 pts
Come to Me (We Were Exploding Anyway)

PX3 (Heavy Sky EP)

We move back a couple of years to the We Were Exploding Anyway era. A time when Robert Smith could be persuaded to feature on a 65dos track. But also a time where 65 had become unsure of themselves, after the mixed receptions to The Destruction of Small Ideas. One of the absolute highlights during the test tour (during which they tested new tracks before the release of WWEA) was PX3, a tune with lots of beautiful piano, that reminded me of a more optimistic version of Radio Protector. I was sad that it didn’t find a place on the new album (although I could understand that, given the songs that did make it), and was glad that it did find a home on the Heavy Sky EP. Neither song got anyone’s top spot, but they featured on enough lists to narrowly miss out on the top 20. Oh, and PX3 still isn’t the highest non-album track on the list…

20: 345 pts
Music is Music as Devices are Kisses is Everything (The Destruction of Small Ideas)

We open the top 20 with another TDOSI track, which begs the question: is the negative perception of this album perhaps a bit overstated? Plenty of its songs made it into this top 65, and we still have another of its songs yet to come. And deservedly so, I might add. This album features some incredible songwriting feats, and it’s perhaps sad that we’ll never get to enjoy Music is Music as a live track. Nine of you put this song into your top 10’s, with one of you even giving it your top spot.

19: 350 pts
Install a Beak in the Heart That Clucks Time in Arabic (The Fall of Math)

From one really long song title, to the next. Sixteen years on, Install a Beak remains a firm live favourite. With two second places out of ten lists to feature it, everyone who voted for it rates it very highly. It’s one of The Fall of Math’s most enduring songs, showcasing that the band were about more than frenetic glitches and riffs, and giving us a little taste of what would come in later years.

18: 370 pts
Asimov (NMS)

As we near the top of the list, we have to say goodbye to more and more albums. Asimov takes the top spot for the No Man’s Sky tracks with 370 points. With ten people voting for it, and one of you even giving it your first place, I think we’re all quite happy that the song was featured in the setlist for 65’s postponed gig. Here’s to finding out how they tweaked it to fit the new live setting!

17: 375 pts
Safe Passage (Wild Light)

My number two made it to seventeenth in this list. To be honest, it took a while before anyone voted for this track, which I still find a bit weird. It’s such an epic ending to what I consider the band’s best album to date. But it just goes to show that 65 just have too many amazing songs. Still, like I said before, 65 and final tracks… goddamn. We still have a few of those to come as well. Safe Passage didn’t get any top spots, but did feature in 10 separate lists, getting two second places in the process.

16: 385 pts
Fix the Sky a Little (The Fall of Math)

Another surprise, to me at least. I was pretty sure this would at least make the top 10. It made ten lists, getting two second places along the way. Just a reminder: we’re nearing the top 10, and not a single song has made it onto more than ten lists out of 59. Just to give you an idea of how diverse all of your votes were. Also, with only 15 tracks to go, we’re still some way off of half the points your number one got. I think that’s pretty incredible. Just like this song. Despite what Paul might have said about The Undertow, this remains 65’s saddest song for me to this day, but in a good way? Like, some songs can just relate to the numbness that comes with feeling sad. But Fix the Sky a Little just gets all of those tiny emotions that surface alongside sadness. I think it’s pretty special.

That’s it for today! Join us tomorrow for the next 5 songs on the list!


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