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#65bangsofstatic – 35(-ish) > 26

Day 4 of the #65bangsofstatic countdown! A little more than 10 songs this time, because of the 5-way tie we find here. More to enjoy, I guess? Let’s gooooo.

37 – 33: 200 pts
I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood (The Fall of Math)

The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties (The Destruction of Small Ideas)

The Conspiracy of Seeds (The Destruction of Small Ideas)

Finale (Silent Running)

Supermoon (Supermoon / NMS)

What did I say yesterday about 65’s closing tracks? We find two more here, with both The Destruction of Small Ideas’ and Silent Running’s final tracks represented just outside the top 30. I think it might come as some surprise to people that Swallowed Hard didn’t make the top 30, being one of the classics from 65’s early days. Another surprise is that, despite all five songs ranking highly, only The Conspiracy of Seeds got a number 1 spot on anyone’s list. And lastly, and quite fittingly, Finale is the last song from Silent Running to appear on this list.

32: 210 pts
bad age (replicr, 2019)

After the release of replicr, 2019, bad age quickly became one of the album’s standout songs. It’s highest ranking on anyone’s lists was third place, but it does appear in 6 different lists, usually in the top 5, getting it quite far up the list despite only being released last year. More than any other track on the album, it bridges classic 65 beats with the dark and despairing atmosphere that’s so typical of this album. But don’t worry, it’s not the last we’re seeing of replicr just yet.

31 – 30: 215 pts
Little Victories (The Destruction of Small Ideas)

Memorydress (Weak4/Come to Me)

Quite a few people were hoping Little Victories would appear just after Dance Parties in the list, as the transition from one song into the other works so well. And good god did you get close! Alas, Little Victories got just a few points more and skips a few places ahead. It’s joined on 215 points by Memorydress, another b-side from the We Were Exploding Anyway era. Now I don’t know about you, but I love that even 65’s b-sides are making it this far up the list, as it shows just how good the band’s music is, even away from album releases. And don’t worry, there are still some non-album tracks yet to appear on this list…

29: 235 pts
65 Doesn’t Understand You (One Time for All Time)

Time to get a little pretentious here. I used to tell people that “they couldn’t GET me, if they didn’t get this song”. Yeah, I know. But still, what a phenomenal track this is. And you clearly agreed, with one person even giving it their top spot, and it never placing lower than 6th on the five lists that feature it. If ever there were a song I wish they’d play live again (well, know that I know that 65 are playing Tiger Girl again, anyway!)… I just REALLY want to drown in that noise at the end again.

28 – 27: 240 pts
Mountainhead (We Were Exploding Anyway)

interference_1 (replicr, 2019)

Two tracks that didn’t get top spot in anyone’s lists, but were featured in seven different top 10’s, getting them inside the top 30. Both of them from a time when 65 were taking huge steps in their evolution as a band. You can read more about Mountainhead’s troubled production in Dave Sanderson’s timeline, but we can all agree that the final result was pretty damn epic. interference_1 reminds me in a way of the No Man’s Sky soundtrack, but if something really, really bad happened in the game…

26: 270 pts
five waves (replicr, 2019)

First, the good news: five waves appeared in 6 different people’s lists, getting two second places to get it to rank high in this list. The sad news, and I know that many of you will be disappointed by this… It’s the final replicr track in the top 65. As I explained in the Discord chat, I think this is mainly due to replicr working so well as a complete album, making it hard to give votes to separate songs. Given time, my guess is that this track, and others from the album, will score much higher when we do this again. But for now, we say goodbye to replicr, 2019.

That’s it for today! Join us tomorrow for the next 10 songs on the list!


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