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#65bangsofstatic – 45 > 36 (ish)

Ready to continue our rundown of your favourite 65daysofstatic songs? Let’s go! Just a note before we begin: today’s rundown actually only covers the songs up until number 38, as there’s a five-way tie for the next position (which is insane at this point). So tomorrow’s list will be slightly longer!

45: 160 pts
23kid (One Time for All Time)

It’s interesting to find this track so high up the list. Even though it only made one top 3, it’s a firm favourite in people’s top 5’s. Featuring in five seperate lists, 23kid proves that one of OTFAT’s most underrated songs maybe isn’t as underrated as expected.

44 – 42: 165 pts
This Cat is a Landmine (The Fall of Math)

The Major Cities of the World are Being Destroyed One by One by the Monsters – original version (Retreat! Retreat!)

Burial Scene (Silent Running)

Burial Scene featured on no less than six different lists, but never featured in anyone’s top 3. For comparisson, This Cat is a Landmine only featured on three lists, but with one first place and two third places, it ends up on 165 points as well. The original version of Major Cities narrowly beats its remix. Perhaps surprisingly, this isn’t the last time any of these three releases will be featured, with The Fall of Math, the Retreat! Retreat! single and Silent Running still having entries higher up the list.

41: 180 pts
End of the World Sun (NMS)

Now, I think it’s fair to say, 65 know how to do a final track. There’s not a single 65days record on which the final track isn’t among my favourites. For an epic space soundtrack, the ending had to be pretty big. End of the World Sun provides just that. It doesn’t go big just to try and out-epic the rest of the soundtrack. It brings an incredible journey home. With one second place and a first place, it seems some of you agree.

40: 185 pts
Go Complex (We Were Exploding Anyway)

Oh how I loved this song when it released. Well, I still do, but the setting was different back then: 65 were reaching their first artistic peak with We Were Exploding Anyway, and Go Complex felt like a culmination of different 65 songs up to that point. It was noisy as hell, but it wasn’t noise for the sake of it. But good god do I wish they still played this live. It got someone’s first place, so clearly I’m not the only one to feel this way.

39: 190 pts
When We Were Younger and Better (The Destruction of Small Ideas)

So 65 are really good at final tracks… but they sure know how to kick off an album as well. Expectations were high after One Time for All Time, but When We Were Younger and Better immediately set the tone for the new album: it was not going to disappoint. Well, it kind of did? But that seems to be more about production design than songwriting, because looking at the votes, many of you seem to agree that 65 took their writing to the next level on TDOSI. This song even made someone’s top spot, and it’s not the last Destruction song to make it to people’s number one…

38: 195 pts

What did I say about final tracks? Even with an album that took 65’s sound into completely new territory, there needed to be something to tie everything together. And that’s where trackerplatz comes in. Despite all of the hopelessness that had come before, it allows for some sunlight to come in again. Despite the sadness, 65 can’t help but hope, even if it takes them a while to get there. Seven of you put this track on your lists. Seven of you have excellent taste. (Well all of you do, but you know what I mean!)

That’s it for today! Join us tomorrow for the next 10 songs on the list!


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