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#65bangsofstatic – 55 > 46

Day 2 of the #65bangsofstatic rundown. Again, as 65’s music can’t be found on one single streaming platform, I’ll put seperate streams for each song. Enjoy!

55 – 53: 125 pts
Weak4 (Weak4 / We Were Exploding Anyway)

Sawtooth Rising (Heavy Sky EP)

lies (Miniatures EP)

As you’ll see further down the list, the We Were Exploding Anyway era has proven massively popular. Sawtooth Rising even made it into someone’s top 3, just as lies from the Miniatures EP. lies is the only track from the Miniatures EP to be included in this list, but, again far from the last Year of Wreckage track to feature.

52 – 51: 135 pts
Piano Fights (We Were Exploding Anyway)

Broken Ship Ruse (Silent Running)

Neither of these tracks made it into any top 3’s, but they both feature in 5 separate top 10’s, giving them a place just outside the top 50.

50 – 48: 140 pts
White Peak / Dark Peak (The Destruction of Small Ideas)

Borealis/Contrastellar (NMS soundscapes)

stillstellung (replicr, 2019)

The top 50 kicks off with an interesting mix from different 65 era’s. stillstellung makes it onto the list by making it onto 5 people’s top 10’s, while White Peak and Borealis made it onto only 3. White Peak / Dark Peak got 2 second places though, while Borealis/Contrastellar was even someone’s number one! Sadly, it’s also the last No Man’s Sky soundscape to make the top 65.

47: 145 pts
Hole (The Fall of Math / Hole EP)

The first track to get a spot all to itself, Hole absolutely deserves this. Appearing on 5 different lists, and getting the top spot in one of them, Hole stands the test of time as one of 65’s most emotionally epic tracks. It’s them guitars, ya see. (I know it’s way more than that, but come on.)

46: 155 pts
Gorecki (Endings EP)

The opening track to the Endings EP, Gorecki is the most recent track to make it onto the list. Despite being available to people who weren’t subscribed to the Year of Wreckage project for only a couple of weeks, the song had been a firm favourite with people who heard it during the Decomposition Theory shows. It has clearly left an impact, and expect to find it much higher up the list whenever we do this whole thing again (although someone already chose it as their number one!).

That’s it for today! Join us tomorrow for the next 10 songs on the list!


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