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#65bangsofstatic – honourable mentions

Before we kick of the actual list tomorrow, we pay homage to the songs that nearly made it. The songs on here all got votes, but just not enough to get them in that top 65. Obviously, these are all brilliant songs, so let’s celebrate them here!

Out of 276 songs on the list, an incredible 134 got votes. Out of 59 lists, that’s not a bad total, I’d say! It just shows that 65 has an amazing range of brilliant songs, that touch us all in so many different ways.

130 – 134: 10 pts
These Things You Can’t Unlearn (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
Pacify (Weak4 / Heavy Sky EP)
milltwn1 (Miniatures EP)
Stories (Tempo Heavy EP)
Goodnight Sweet Prince (65daysofstatic remix)

These amazing songs all got 10th place in someone’s list (including mine!). I know the 65 remixes weren’t really on the list, but hey, this is all supposed to be some fun, so I allowed it!

124 – 129: 20 pts
DNL-mash up (Stumble.Stop.Repeat EP)
I’m Dreaming of a White Noise Christmas (U/U Vol. 3)
Rantaloupe (Silent Running)
7over8 (7over8 EP)
Ancient Also (7over8 EP)
To Z (Repeat) (65daysofstatic remix)

All of these got 9th place in people’s lists! As you can see with the titles here, there’s some excellent songs that missed out on the final top 65. I’m glad White Noise Christmas at least got some love, I play it on every single Christmas day. What a classic.

117 – 123: 25 pts
Default This (The Fall of Math)
Welcome to the Times (One Time for All Time)
Lyonesse (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
Antique Hyper Mall (Dance Parties EP)
Debutante (live) (Coach Road Session)
FS_Analog (Fugue State EP)
taperec_1 (Looped Future EP)

I love how diverse these songs that scored 8th places on people’s lists are. Big love for that live version of Debutante (the Coach Road Sessions are amazing btw). Also love that 65 named an EP Looped Future, after one of the original Unreleased/Unreleasables. They don’t like looking back, but this is a nice touch.

115 – 116: 30 pts
Wrong Side of the Tracks (Hole EP / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)
The Big Afraid (One Time for All Time)

Wrong Side of the Tracks grabbed a 7th place on someone’s list, but with The Big Afraid we have the lowest scoring song to appear on multiple people’s list. Things are heating up, and we haven’t even reached the top 100!

106 – 114: 35 pts
face of the earth (65dos remix) (play nice kids EP)
Another Code Against the Gone (The Fall of Math)
Asphalt & Trouble (Radio Protector / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)
The Wrong Shape (Heavy Sky EP)
Space Montage (Silent Running)
Woodpecker (Looped Future EP)
valley stumble (Miniatures EP)
all open (Miniatures EP)
Escaper (Tempo Heavy EP)

Really good to see some Year of Wreckage tracks getting some love. I’m glad that these songs are getting as high as 6th on people’s lists, despite having only been released so recently. Just goes to show how much of an impact 65’s music makes.

105: 40 pts
FS_Original (Fugue State EP)

99 – 104: 45 pts
Assault on Precinct 65 (U/U Vol. 1)
thrash waltz (Stumble.Stop.Repeat EP)
A Failsafe (live) (Escape from New York)
pretext (replicr, 2019)
z03 (replicr, 2019)
fourteeneleventhirteen (Miniatures EP)

Assault on Precinct 65 made it onto 2 people’s lists, while all of these other songs made people’s top 4’s! It just goes to show how my grading system was rigged if songs this high up people’s lists can’t make it into the top 65… (or it shows how people’s taste in 65’s songs is just really diverse because the band creates too much epicness. Must be the rigged thing though.)

92 – 98: 50 pts
65’s Hole Sea-Shanty Remix (U/U Vol. 2)
Climbing on Roofs (desperate edit) (One Time for All Time)
Dance Dance Dance (We Were Exploding Anyway)
Beats Like a Helix (Heavy Sky EP)
ex_1 (Exvironments Pt. 1 EP)
sister (replicr, 2019)
A Slight Geometry (Decomp Sketches EP)

Dance Dance Dance and Beats Like a Helix were on multiple people’s lists, while all of the others made it to people’s top 3’s! Should I change the grading system if we do this again? So songs from people’s top 3 make it into the actual list?

86 – 91: 55 pts
Natasha Beats the Devil (U/U Vol. 2)
Mean Low Water (One Time for All Time)
Morning in the Knife Quarter (Don’t Go Down to Sorrow)
Drone Not Drones (Taipei)
NMS_ExteriorAtmos1/False Suns (NMS soundscapes)
Scout (Tempo Heavy EP)

I really like that b-sides from singles are getting votes. There’s so much more to 65’s music than just the music that makes it to the albums and EP’s. Mean Low Water appeared on multiple lists.

84 – 85: 60 pts
The Fall of Math (The Fall of Math)
Heliosphere (NMS)

Both songs appear on multiple lists, and made top 3’s. And yet there’s no place in the final top 65. I really need to change the grading system. Sorry.

78 – 83: 65 pts (nice)
The Last Home Recording (The Fall of Math)
Fix the Sky a Little (Digitonal Remix) (U/U Vol. 2)
Primer (live)
Inside (Inside)
popular beats (replicr, 2019)
Burn (65daysofstatic remix)

A good mix here of songs that earned people’s top spots, and songs with multiple votes. Love that the Fix the Sky a Little remix got some love, with popular beats even appearing on 3 separate lists.

74 – 77: 70 pts
Primer (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
ex_5 (Exvironments Pt. 2 EP)
Pollen (Endings EP)
Exvironments_Full (Exvironments_Full)

From now on, every song has appeared on multiple people’s lists. If you want your favourite higher up the list, be sure to vote next time we compile a list like this (hopefully during better times).

70 – 73: 75 pts
Betraying Chino (Hole EP / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)
Wax Futures (The Destruction of Small Ideas)
Blueprint for a Slow Machine (NMS)
Escape Velocity (NMS)

67 – 69: 80 pts (play nice kids EP)
Hypersleep (NMS)
Zero, in Zero (Kazimir EP)

These are the final songs before the actual list begins. So yes, because of the grading system, the top 65 is actually a top 66. Come find out which songs made it in, starting tomorrow!


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