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#65bangsofstatic – not a single vote

Obviously, when people vote for their favourite band’s favourite songs, there will be some that don’t receive a single vote. Today, we pay tribute to a collection of incredible songs that were just outmatched by even more brilliance.

Despite the votes being share over most of 65’s different releases, a couple of them saw no songs receive any votes. Incredibly, out of 45 releases, only 7 lost out completely.

Watch the Stars Fall EP
Crash Tactics
Ptolyweirds EP
Resistor/Noise EP
Safe Passage – Spring2020AntiPandemicAnxietySlowMotionLoopedVersion

Now, before anyone points this out: yes, a number of people voted for AOD (the song), but all those votes were for the version on the Retreat! Retreat! single, as far as I know (I didn’t check with everyone, but the R!R! version is the most well known version, so I took a little guess here). And in the list below, you’ll see more songs that have received votes. It’s just that people didn’t vote for the versions mentioned below 🙂

For now, here’s the list with all the songs that didn’t receive any votes:


static65 (Watch the Stars Fall EP)
radio protector (Watch the Stars Fall EP)
pre-madonna (Watch the Stars Fall EP)

*static65* (play nice kids EP)

Aod (AOD)
Thrash Waltz (AOD)
*static65* (AOD)

I am Robot (U/U Vol. 1)
… (U/U Vol. 1)
Face of the Earth (Clinging on to) (U/U Vol. 1)
Born Apart (U/U Vol. 1)
Everything We Talked About Yesterday (U/U Vol. 1 / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)
Default This (U/U Vol. 1)
Twentyfourtwelve (U/U Vol. 1 / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)
Bruce Sings 65 (U/U Vol. 1) (Stumble.Stop.Repeat EP)
aod (Stumble.Stop.Repeat EP)
ophelia.remix (Stumble.Stop.Repeat EP)

The Fall of Math – 65dos Remix (Hole EP / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)
No Station (Hole EP / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)
Retreat! Retreat! – mothboy remi (Hole EP / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)
4Connection (Hole EP / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)

Don’t Kill Me (U/U Vol. 2)
30 Seconds of Pure Heaven (U/U Vol. 2)
Crystal Splinters City Skies (U/U Vol. 2 / B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1)
Fucking with Pillheads (U/U Vol. 2)
It’s Guy Time (I Don’t Mind) (U/U Vol. 2)
Uplifting Chart Trance (U/U Vol. 2)
Feels Like Ecstacy (U/U Vol. 2)
Aren’t We All Running? (Feedle Remix) (U/U Vol. 2)

AOD (live) (U/U Vol. 3)

Don’t Go Down to Sorrow – a-listed radio edit (Don’t Go Down to Sorrow)

Dance Parties [Mechanised] (Dance Parties EP)
Goodbye, 2007 (Dance Parties EP)

Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here (live) (Escape from New York)
No Use Crying Over (Some Techno) (live) (Escape from New York)
Retreat! Retreat! (live) (Escape from New York)
Await Rescue (live) (Escape from New York)
Fix the Sky a Little (live) (Escape from New York)
65 Doesn’t Understand You (live) (Escape from New York)
Radio Protector (live) (Escape from New York)
Four Score and (Some Drum ‘n’ Bass) (live) (Escape from New York)

Antique Hyper Mall (slowed down) (Weak4)
Goodbye, 2007 (slowed down) (Weak4)

Tiger Girl (sleepmakeswaves remix) (We Were Exploding Anyway (bonus track))

Crash Tactics (Crash Tactics)
After San Francisco (Crash Tactics)

Weak4 (Weak4/Come to Me)
Come to Me (Weak4/Come to Me)

Tiger Girl – Wishful Thinking Edit (Heavy Sky EP)
Guitar Cascades (Heavy Sky EP)
Come to Me (Wordless Version) (Heavy Sky EP (bonus track))
Wrong Shape (Alternate Version) (Heavy Sky EP (bonus track))
String Loop (Heavy Sky EP (bonus track))

Space Theme (Silent Running)
The Announcement (Silent Running)
The Scattered Disk (Silent Running)
Surgery (Silent Running)
Save the Forest (Silent Running (bonus EP))
Cosmic Wind (Silent Running (bonus EP))
Valley Forge Theme (Silent Running (bonus EP))
Shovel Fight (Silent Running (bonus EP))

Dance Dance Dance | Piano Fights (live) (Coach Road Session)
Burial Scene (live) (Coach Road Session)

Artismal (Wild Light (bonus track))
Destructivist (Wild Light (bonus track))
Doxxx Yrself (Wild Light (bonus track))

Prisms (Single Edit) (Prisms)

Taipei – Radio Edit (Taipei)

Pillars of Frost (No Man’s Sky)
Tomorrow/Lull/Celestial Feedback (No Man’s Sky – soundscapes)
Departure/Shortwave/Noisetest (No Man’s Sky – soundscapes)
TemporalDissent/ascension_test1/koaecax (No Man’s Sky – soundscapes)

SF_Ambient (Kazimir EP)
SynthFlood (Kazimir EP)

FS_Redux (Fugue State EP)

Looped Future (Looped Future EP)
taperec_2 (Looped Future EP)
Flown Wrong (Looped Future EP)
taperec_3 (Looped Future EP)
taperec_4 (Looped Future EP)
taperec_5 (Looped Future EP)
taperec_6 (Looped Future EP)
Woodpecker [Noise] (Looped Future EP)

Ghost Club (Ptolyweirds EP)
Ptolyweird (Ptolyweirds EP)
Decapita (Ptolyweirds EP)
Nines (Ptolyweirds EP)

ex_2 (Exvironments Pt. 1 EP)
ex_3 (Exvironments Pt. 1 EP)
ex_4 (Exvironments Pt. 1 EP)

d|| tl | | |  (replicr, 2019)
05|| | 1|  (replicr, 2019)
gr[]v-_s (replicr, 2019)
[]lid (replicr, 2019)
u| || | th | r| d  (replicr, 2019)

breaker (Miniatures EP)
cabin fever (Miniatures EP)
knotted_1 (Miniatures EP)
comm (Miniatures EP)
extradition (Miniatures EP)
knotted_5 (Miniatures EP)
feathers (Miniatures EP)
knotted_9 (Miniatures EP)
freeze (Miniatures EP)
knotted_13 (Miniatures EP)
nfntyCt•b2sic (Miniatures EP)
nfntyCt•basic  (Miniatures EP)
knotted_14-15 (Miniatures EP)
polysines1 (Miniatures EP)
polysines2 (Miniatures EP)
polysines3 (Miniatures EP)
polysines4 (Miniatures EP)
knotted_22 (Miniatures EP)
knotted_16 (Miniatures EP)
revolver (Miniatures EP)
moor on fire (Miniatures EP)

dream#2 (7over8 EP)
Strange Attractor (7over8 EP)
7ovr8MicroTun (7over8 EP)

Tangle (Decomp Sketches EP)
PlayrGen (Decomp Sketches EP)
Drifter (Decomp Sketches EP)
Proto-[]lid (Decomp Sketches EP)

Leaves (Tempo Heavy EP)
The Back of Things (Tempo Heavy EP)

|| (Resistor/Noise EP)
[S]OURCE (Resistor/Noise EP)
|| (Resistor/Noise EP)
cascade (Resistor/Noise EP)
|| (Resistor/Noise EP)
[G]ATE (Resistor/Noise EP)
|| (Resistor/Noise EP)
deplete (Resistor/Noise EP)
|| (Resistor/Noise EP)
[D]RAIN (Resistor/Noise EP)

ex_6 (Exvironments Pt. 2 EP)
ex_7 (Exvironments Pt. 2 EP)
ex_8 (Exvironments Pt. 2 EP)
ex_9 (Exvironments Pt. 2 EP)

Safe Passage – Spring2020AntiPandemicAnxietySlowMotionLoopedVersion (Safe Passage – Spring2020AntiPandemicAnxietySlowMotionLoopedVersion)

Mother (Endings EP)

So many good songs… Remember them when we do this again! Anyway, tomorrow, we’ll take a look at those songs who just missed out on the final top 65 with our honourable mentions. And then on Thursday, the really good stuff kicks off 🙂 Can’t wait to see you there! Take care <3


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