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#65bangsofstatic – the results: 14.05 – 22.05

Thank you all once again for sending me all of your top 10 favourite 65daysofstatic songs. You all shattered my initial expectations, and I’m so happy we’ll have this really awesome list very soon.

Starting next Thursday, May 14th, we’ll be counting down YOUR top 65 65dos tracks. Sadly, I’m not able to do a full playlist on any streaming service of your choice, as 65’s songs can’t all be found on the same streaming service. I can’t do a livestream either as my internet is, well, shit.

So, starting Thursday, I’ll start posting the list right here on the website, with some random factoids about your votes, and with an audio link to stream each song separately. I hope you’ll be ok with that? If you have any ideas for a better solution, please do let me know. 🙂 This is your list, after all.

This will be the release schedule for the list:

May 14th – numbers 65 to 56
May 15th – 55 to 46
May 16th – 45 to 36
May 17th – 35 to 26
May 18th – 25 to 16
May 19th – 15 to 11
May 20th – 10 to 6
May 21st – 5 to 3
May 22nd – 2 and 1

Hope you’re all up for it 🙂 And thanks again to all of you. Stay safe, and be kind to each other <3 bang.


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