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#65bangsofstatic – Ryd Cook

We’ve passed the final date, so now the 65 republic supercomputer is calculating all of the scores to decide the ultimate 65bangsofstatic top 65. In the meantime, why not read some more about which songs 65kids picked for their top 10?

Today’s 65kid is Ryd Cook. He’s a filmmaker, actor and photographer from Cambridge. Check out his award-winning short film ‘Single to London’ below (he didn’t just direct it, he’s also the guy in that awesome Retreat! Retreat! t-shirt I wish I had, haha). You can check out more of his stuff on his website, Youtube channel and Vimeo channel. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

I’ll let him introduce himself 🙂

I discovered 65daysofstatic in 2004. A friend played “Hole EP” to me on his iPod and i’ve been a huge fan ever since. Gutted I missed their Cambridge Portland Arms gig in 2004…I distinctly remember knowing about it! I became a fan soon after. Proud to say I’ve been to every Cambridge gig after that, and many London ones. Faves would be Cambridge Junction 2007 just after release of DOSI and Cambridge Junction 2010 after WWEA. I love electronic music, and rock music…and I love bands who merge or cross genres, so 65 was a perfect fit for me as a music fan. I also love how surprising they are. They’re not afraid to do what they want to do artistically. Do the things they’re creatively excited about. Doesn’t matter if its weird; odd production, art exhibitions, film soundtrack, endless video game sound track?…list goes on. This is super inspiring. I am continuously interested in what they’re doing. They also make me dance. And I love dancing. Cheers for everything 65! I’ll keep listening & watching until I die. Of that I am certain.

And now, on to Ryd’s top 10!

10. Stories

I was excited to hear the promised “sad pianos” due from the Year of Wreckage. How delighted I was to receive a whole EP of them! I downloaded Tempo Heavy in the middle of a 2 month trip to New Zealand. The vibe of the tracks was beautiful for the long drives, and Stories really stuck with me. Something so delightful about that repeating piano. I found there’s more to be discovered on repeat listens, particularly enjoy the playing towards the end, which you really have to listen out for under the noise. Also: always kinda love it when a band makes me wonder if my headphones are broken..this track totally did that.

9. Fix The Sky A Little (Digitonal Remix)

The original is excellent too, but I do love me a chilled remix of a track. The eerie vocal samples with piano are an awesome start.

8. Burial Scene

Perfectly fitting for the scene it is soundtracked for (I watched it with the film on youtube when that was up, never saw it live unfortunately). This track has a real sense of setting & emotion. If it wasn’t for the name, or the film, and I had just listened, I reckon i’d get a good sense of what it was about. The sadness, the loneliness, the emptiness, the spaceyness (lol). Fantastic slow, atmospheric, roomy piano.

7. Dance Dance Dance 

I LOVE Dance Dance Dance… really makes me move. Even when i’m lying down I can’t help but rock my head. Those drums. I played it once at a party at a snow resort in Serbia and danced like mad. Seeing it live is always special too, seeing the drum work and the band build such awesome stage presence.

6. Sleepwalk City

There’s a point in this track (3:50 onwards) where the sound of it, just becomes completely mesmerising & pleasing for the ears. Excellent. A real treat live as well, just can’t help be aware of the moment while you’re listening. it ripples through you.

5. Music is Music as Devices Are Kisses Is Everything

I love The Destruction of Small Ideas. I’ve never heard anything like it, before or since. I am a big fan of its production, how loud is loud and quiet very quiet. It demands your attention. The piano, the strings, the raw sound. This was not to be played on an ipod. I love the instrumentation in this track.. the playfulness towards the end. A real beauty. 

4. Await Rescue

This has the most plays on my iTunes. I have lots of memories of listening to this song as I drive for some reason. Turning it up loud, and just rocking out massively. The drums from 3.44 onwards are spectacular.

3. The Major Cities Of The World Are Being Destroyed One By One By the Monsters

I used to constantly make playlists on my iPod 2005-09. This song was on almost all of them. Also had the “chorus” as my ringtone for a long time.. remember it took a while to cut it down to the perfect bit. This track makes me dance. Love the weird robot vocals towards the end as well; I quite often “sing” along to them like a total nutter. I also love the chilled skin of the horse’s teeth version too.

2. Betraying Chino 

Fairly sure this is the first 65 track I ever heard. 2004, sixth form college. My friend had the Hole EP. He played me this short, building rock electronic track on his iPod. I just love its fairly chill intro, then into fast riff and electronic explosion… Then it just ends. After first listen, I was a 65kid. Went to every 65daysofstatic gig in Cambridge after that (unfortunately just missed the 2004 one). Great name for a track isn’t it? Is it a Deftones reference?

1. Prisms

I remember very moment I first heard it. I was in a hostel San Francisco in August 2013. Got onto the WIFI. Email from 65. New track. I listened immediately.Blew me away. Loved it straight away and never, ever get tried of it. Always an enjoyable listen. Somehow it never gets old. If I had to pick one track to go on loop for the rest of my life, this would be it.I love the layers of the track. How it builds. The timing of the symbols at 1.45. Flawless production. You can hear each element to the track so clearly. Each perfectly complimenting one another. That beautiful piano outro as well.. wow. The generative music video by Matt Pearson is also excellent, visualising the music wonderfully. Enhances the track!
One of the best songs ever, let alone best 65 song!

The results of #65bangsofstatic will be appearing in the coming weeks! Keep an eye out for them, on the site or on our socials 🙂 Take care everyone <3


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