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#65bangsofstatic – Mika

Unsure about what your 10 picks for #65bangsofstatic should be? No worries, I’ve called in some experts.

I was only going to include people who have worked with the band in some capacity in this series, but as I get more and more top 10s from 65kids with some wonderful explanations, I decided to open it up to them as well. This is, after all, a place by 65kids for 65kids.

Today’s 65kid is Mika. She’s a fan from Sweden, who, like many others, discovered the band when they were doing support for The Cure. I’ll let her introduce herself 🙂

Probably like many others I discovered 65daysofstatic when they toured with The Cure in 2008. I was, 16? Feels like a long time ago but also somehow like yesterday. At the show I stood there, in the front, after having queued all day and there was this support band… But we wanted The Cure! Come on! For some reason, back then I had this preconception that all support acts are bad. But then something happened, as out of nowhere these people who just got on stage completely blew me away! It was wild, it was noisy and it was amazing! I remember standing there, crushed against all the other gothy teens, looking around, trying to see someone else who had just fallen in love like I had. But we Swedes are always hard to read because I know there must have been others there like me! 65’s music spoke to me on another level, like really spoke to me. In fact, all other music I was listening to at the time I got either from friends or family so 65 become my first self discovered bang… (sorry, autocorrect) band. And as such they played the most significant part in the kind of music I continued to fall for. Their music have been with me for almost half my life, through good times and bad. I will always be grateful to them for existing and I love them so very much!

On to Mika’s top 10 then!

9. The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties & 10. Little Victories

I wish these were put together as one song! The change from one to the other is epic and fills me with joy beyond proportions!!! If one makes it to the final 65bangs-list without the other, something is wrong with the fabric of reality XD XD

8. Mean Low Water

The bass in the beginning, that was the first thing i taught myself on bass! The song is incredible all the way through.

7. Primer

The Destruction Of Small Ideas was the first whole album I listened to back when I first discovered 65dos. I want to choose all the songs form that one haha but alas! Primer really brings me back to those days in the best possible way.

6. KMF

I truly loved the whole year of wreckage but something makes me come back to this release and this song more often. The feeling of unreality, a big space of jumbled up memories.

5. Broken Ship Ruse

Silent Running is an epic soundtrack and this song is so wonderfully noisy and strange at first and then it opens up to these amazing drums that kind of grounds everything, like saying “yes, it might look like we´re fucked but everything´s gonna be alright”.

4. Asimov

There is just something with this track that gives me a feeling of belonging, like coming home.

3. Prisms

This song has some of the most incredible sounds. So subtle and transcending in the middle of the wilder side. And when it hits that high long tone towards the end, it always sends me soaring!

2. trackerplatz

At the first listen I loved this track. I listened to replicr, 2019 almost non stop last autumn and it made me get through a tough time in my life. trackerplatz will always feel like a healing and life giving force to me.

1. Aren’t We All Running?

This was the first song I downloaded through Limewire after I saw them play in Stockholm with The Cure in 2008. I fell in love with this song and it will always be special. Funny little thing I remember from that show was that sometime in the middle of it, I think it was Joe who went and hugged Rob. This was such a sweet moment and made the show unforgettable even for a teenage The Cure fan who may not have expected that support bands can change your life!

Don’t forget to share your own top 10, by sending it to or sharing it on twitter using the #65bangsofstatic hashtag! The final date to send them in is May 6th!


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